"We may discover issues with our roofs following a random check. Some repairs must not be delayed. If rain can get through our roof it can create damp issues indoors. The water can also be dangerous if it makes contact with the electricity in the house."

Who to Call When You Need an Emergency Roof Repair?

We may discover issues with our roofs following a random check. Perhaps the flat roof has been overloaded by rainwater and it has leaked through. Alternatively, there may have been a storm that displaced some tiles. Perhaps a part of the roof is now exposed to the elements, and rain is pouring into the house. Alternatively, a tree may have fallen over, or branches may have crashed against your roof. Fires can also do major damage to a home. 

Some repairs must not be delayed. If rain can get through our roof it can create damp issues indoors. The water can also be dangerous if it makes contact with the electricity in the house. If tiles are loosely hanging from the roof, they could be blown off and become dangerous projectiles. In the worst-case scenario, a roof or entire house can be in danger of collapse, and people should evacuate the premises. But who should we contact for help? Let’s find out right now.

Approved Contractors 

It is possible to find suitable workmen by using the internet. When it comes to repairs during an emergency some websites will produce several quotes for comparison. It is helpful when people can get such information freely and without obligation to use those companies. There may be a simple online form to complete, and the promise of a quick response. 

When people seek contractors they want them to be available 24 hours a day. Let’s face it: a crisis rarely happens at a convenient time! People actively look for companies that have no call out fee either. 

If someone has to visit your property outside of normal working hours and begins the repair, there will be an additional charge for any work done. If the work can’t be completed in one go, there may be a temporary cover put over the roof to keep the elements out. It’s worth realizing that if a powerful storm is still underway, the company may delay their visit to maintain their own safety. It’s important to remain calm and understanding at such times. 

Your Insurance Company

It’s essential to make a claim on your home insurance as soon as possible. Make sure it is safe for you to do it, but take photos of the damage to support your claim. In some cases, the insurance company will only deal with certain approved repair companies. If this is the case it will help narrow down who you contact further.

The insurance company will also be able to discuss whether alternative accommodation is necessary and if your policy covers this. 

Approved roofing contractors generally create timesheets. They are vital documents that confirm the work done, the time spent, and the costs incurred. These documents will need to be produced by the insurance company as soon as possible so the claim can be paid. 

A Friend? No!

Even if you know someone who says they ‘know something about DIY’ or owns a long ladder, this option should be discounted if the task is large or dangerous. Only certified roofing companies and licensed contractors should be let loose if it is a complicated or risky job.  

Don’t tackle the issue yourself either, if there is any danger you may fall off and hurt yourself. It’s important to realize that if any repairs are faulty, it can be expensive to fix. Insurance claims can also be invalidated if you have tried to do some of the work yourself. If the roof must be left as it is until an insurance company assessor arrives, that’s what you must do. 

The only thing it may be wise to do is to put a bucket under a roof leak or to make sure the electricity is turned off in any area of the house where water has gotten in. 

Storm Chasers? No!

This is the derogatory name given to charlatans who pose as reliable roofing companies. They may be ‘in your area’ and have ‘just noticed an issue with your roof’. Storm chasers are most active after there has been extreme weather in the local area. 

Such unreliable individuals sometimes extract the full money upfront from unsuspecting victims, The next thing you know, they’ve run off with your money and done none of the work.

It can be difficult to think straight when there is an emergency. If someone does things in the right way, however, they will be best placed to receive the help and repairs their roof requires. Hopefully, the work will be covered by your home insurance, and within a short while, the house will be better than ever.

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