"Not sure of the plumbing upgrades you should have in a tiny house? Read on to find great tips perfect for any tiny - on wheels or foundation."

Which Plumbing Upgrades Are Perfect For Tiny Homes?

Do you live in a tiny home or are planning to get one, and you are not sure of the plumbing upgrades you should have? You don’t need to worry anymore.

If you are also living in a tiny house and you haven’t done any upgrades lately, this article is here to explain some of the enhancements that can perfectly fit your house model.

There are many things you can include in your home to reduce water expenditures and also for convenience. If you need to avoid waste and save money on the water bills, here are some upgrades you can think of.

1. Water Filters

Due to climate change and environmental degradation, water filtration has become a necessity for all homes. Whether you depend on rainwater, tap water, or borehole, you need to filter any water consumed by household members and pets in your home to avoid diseases and infections.

While you can go for bottled water, such becomes expensive in the long run when you have a large family. The best alternative is to buy a water filter that enables you to get better quality water for your home.

Water filters remove all debris and contaminants from polluted water and ensure that your water is safe to drink. They filter any water type, either from rain, boreholes, or tap water, and ensure whatever you consume doesn’t contain germs and other impurities.

The good thing about filters is that they come in different sizes for different household needs.

2. A Water Heater

Any home, especially those in colder areas, requires an effective water heater. The good with modern heaters is that they are energy efficient, simple to operate, and don’t cost much. If you need to get a good water heater, go for an on-demand circulation pump. These are energy-efficient, and they don’t waste water and energy.

You can also use the instant hot water shower for bathing. All these will save you money and will give you convenience and comfort in your tiny home.

3. Upgrade Your Pipes

How often do you check your pipes? If you need to save money in your tiny house, you should be checking your water taps and upgrade them if possible. Many of these pipes might be leaking or rusted, such that they may contaminate the water.

If you are using these pipes for hot water, they may not be insulated, making them lose heat faster. You need to inspect the whole water system and ensure no water is leaking and that the connections are secure. It would be best to insulate the hot water pipes to avoid losing heat, leading to high energy bills and water loss.

If you live in a tiny old house, it’s essential to replace all the water systems. The reason is that older pipes were made of steel, which might be rusty and corroded.

4. Water Recycle System

If you live in areas with water shortage or the water bill is unsustainable, you can consider having a water recycling system. Instead of wasting the water from the showers, washing machines, and the kitchen, it can be recycled and be used again or pumped into the garden to irrigate plants.

If you have a good water recycling machine, you can even use the water for your domestic needs, thus saving a lot when it comes to water bills. The recycled water can also be passed on the purifier explained above to make it safe for drinking.

Other than this, you can tap rainwater, which you can also use to water your gardens, thus reducing the water bills.

5. Kitchen Sink

In every home, you can’t talk about upgrades without mentioning the kitchen sink. A mere sink upgrade can improve your kitchen and make it look brand new. Whether you have ceramic porcelain or a stainless steel kitchen sink, you can get a new shape and design that will improve your kitchen’s look, depending on your budget and preference.

If the current sink appears smaller for your family’s needs, you can make the improvements and get a bigger, deeper basin. Ensure the space is adequate to accommodate the new sink. Besides changing the sink, you need to check on the drainage pipes and ensure everything is okay before finalizing the fitting.

There are so many improvements that you can do to your home, the ones provided in this article being only a few. Before making the upgrade, you need to consider the cost, efficiency of the item, material, use, and if it can fit your tiny house. We hope the article will provide useful guidance when making these upgrades.

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