"Upgrading your windows can be a great step to reducing your energy bill and upgrading your home. Let's go over the steps to take care of this process."

What you need to start shopping for Replacement Windows

This is everything you need to know to start the process of replacing your windows, getting accurate measurements is absolutely critical for the long and short-term success of your windows. You should need nothing more than a measuring tape to get the job done!

Are you starting to feel like you need to carry a crowbar around with you to open all of your windows every day because they’ve become so stuck over the years? Are your window frames starting to fall apart or just get extremely unsteady? Have you noticed air still coming in or out of your window even when it is supposedly completely closed? If any of this is relatable for you then yeah it’s going to be time for you to consider replacing your windows.

In the past, it was always the standard to just set up an in-person meeting at your home so you can do measurements, talk design options, and all of that good stuff. These days, with health concerns and just the ease of use, digital meetings are becoming more and more common for the decimation of important information. Whatever route you go one way or another you’re going to need to measure all of your windows at some point so that your home remodeling experts can help you pick out the perfect windows for you. If you do need to do your own measuring for one reason or another – we’re going to go over how!

Don’t be Afraid to ask for Help

While measuring all of your windows CAN be a one-person job, it’s going to go a whole lot faster for you if you get some help! At the very least have someone handy to write down your measurements as you go, and have them read each one back to avoid any accidents or mistakes! It’s also just going to be really handy for you to have an extra set of hands to hold on to the end of your tape measure and such when you’re measuring those big windows.

Start with the width

Always, if you can, try to do your measuring from the inside of your home just because you don’t have anything like siding or shutters to get in your way. Then from there just line up the end of your tape measure with the very outside edge of your windows and measure it all the way across to the other end. There’s your width, nice and simple! Make sure you write it down as well as what window it was that you measured just for future reference!

Move to the height next

Depending on how tall your windows are this may be much harder for you and even require a short step ladder. Now you’re just going to do the same as you did for the width, start at one of the corners at the very top of the window and go straight down to the bottom corner underneath that. That’ll give you the height and just like that you have what is, for most windows, all the measurements you need.

Don’t forget about measuring the depth (if applicable)

Now don’t forget windows like garden windows, bay windows, and bow windows you are also going to need to be aware of how deep these windows are. That’s what special about them is they are not flush with the home like many windows – they all protrude out to a certain degree and that’s why they are so desirable. If you DO need to measure the depth of your windows it’s as simple as taking your tape measure and measuring from the glass pane / furthest point the window extends to and back out to the sill. Once you have that done you’ll have all the window dimensions that you need.

Don’t stress about getting everything absolutely perfect

If you work with professionals, at the end of the day, you can absolutely rely on them to go behind you at least once prior to installation to ensure they have all of the perfect measurements they need to ensure a job well done. It’s a huge help to at least get close numbers figured out before you talk details so you can ballpark the kind of window you want to look for. Now some “budget contractors” and those types may just take your word straight to the bank, go out and buy slightly ill-fitting windows, and stick you with a less than perfect product. That’s why you always make sure you’re working with reputable experts, a good reputation can never absolutely guarantee good work but it gives you the best affirmation that you’re possibly going to get.

Don’t skimp on installation – work with the experts

The place where pretty much anyone that does go wrong does it is when they are choosing a home improvement company to handle their window replacement and installation. All too many people are looking to save just a few bucks anywhere they can and while this may be just fine for other things, the quality of your window installation is NOT something you can cheap out on.

There are so many horror stories out there of clients that spent thousands upon thousands for new windows only to have the company handling the installation cut corners and/or miss obvious things that they really shouldn’t have. And when that happens you have no choice but to call in the experts like Carolina Home Remodeling’s Window Replacement Charlotte NC, people who you know can clean up all the mess and get things re-installed perfectly. So what started as you saving money by getting more affordable service can quickly turn into you spending a few times as much money on the same thing.

We also wouldn’t recommend handling your window installation yourself. It’s very difficult and an untrained and inexperienced person is going to mess something up almost 100% of the time. So do yourself a favor and work with some reputable professional window installers in your area.

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