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Hey everyone, Stephanie here! I now have the new mapping system up and running!

Our whole site is about to have an overhaul. Over the next few days you will notice HUGE changes on the site (mostly visual!) and new features (such as the map) across the entire site.

I apologize for the old, slow-loading map, the on and off features, and the overall confusion. I finally have the new map up, designed to be easier to navigate and upload your listings.

Unfortunately, all of the previous listings could not be transferred. If you need assistance getting your listing back online, contact us.


The new map allows you to upload your own listings to the site. You will need to create an account to do this. We have a few old features plus some new ones.

The map will ask to geolocate near you, which means it will find your GPS location and show you results on the map closest to you.

Of course you can always just browse the map by clicking and dragging! (Or a two-finger slide if you’re on mobile!)


THOW Parking: Listings will be specifically for tiny houses on wheels. Whether you have a lot to rent in your back yard or land, or you’re selling a tiny house on wheels, you’ll find it here. You can also upload RV destinations that are known THOW-friendly parking sites.

ADU Communities: If you’re building a community and in progress still, or renting out/selling land to create a community, this is your spot. We also have a vacation rental category for those seeking to try it out, or temporarily rent out their own tiny house!

Communities for a Cause: We highly encourage you to add a local community that is designed for veterans in need or homeless persons. If the community is attached to social media or a website, it will be available to display in the description and profile areas.

Builders & Designers: If you build, design, consult, or sell plans for tiny houses: this is your listing! Businesses and people listing under this category will always be a paid feature. We feel this helps to discourage dishonest people from posting fraud ads.

Events: Hosting a workshop? Found a festival that’s not posted yet? Add it here! Any user can upload an event, so make sure it’s not already listed!


Basic listings: will be available to those seeking to rent out/sell lots or houses/trailers. These listings are free, always! It applies to THOW and ADU categories.

Featured Listings: THOW and ADU categories have an upgrade! You can pay a small fee to feature your listing for 30 days to increase the amount of views you receive. This will help you rent out your location or tiny house faster!

Communities for a Cause: These listings will always be free no matter the organization or person that submits them.

Builders & Designers: Listing for businesses and professionals will always be a paid service. We feel it helps discourage dishonest people from posting fraud listings. We are here to protect you!

Events: Listings are free in general, but falls under the same “Featured” listing prices as THOW and ADU categories. If you’d like more views and heighten your chance of increasing visitors to your event, paying to feature your listing will push it to the top!

Map Issues?

Please let us know! If you’re having an issue with a map listing, there is a new REPORT feature to help us clean up unwanted or unneeded listings. You can also contact us for questions or comments.

Speaking of comments, let us know what you think in the comments below!

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Stephanie McQueen

Stephanie is the content curator and resource hoarder of all things tiny houses. She enjoys collecting information about tiny houses and writing easy-to-understand articles that help you make informed decisions whether you're building, buying, renting, selling, or parking your tiny house. Only thing she loves to do more than hoard information? Share it! Connect with Stephanie through LinkedIn, her portfolio, or her done-for-you marketing agency, Employed By Life Online.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to a New World – Tiny House Map”

  1. Hey Stephanie, it’s Jen…thanks for the email earlier. I tried clicking on the map and only two locations show up. The map that this site before had so many in all different states…now I only see two options available in mexico and colorado and they are the only things on the map. Did the old map get wiped away and people have to reapply to get on it?

    1. Unfortunately, yes. As the article explains, I was unable to transfer the old listings. All listings will have to be relisted. However, users are able to upload their own listings instead of applying. The only feature we have removed is the “looking for” listing, which we will be introducing a different method for those seeking a location to park at a later date.

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