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Ways to Make Your Small Living Space Comfortable

There are ways you can make your small living space comfortable and stress-free. Compact living spaces must have more airflow and light to make the environment more ambient. Smaller homes can get cluttered easily.

If you leave items out of place it can look messy which will create a stressful environment. Your home will also feel stuffy if you have too many accents, colors, and furniture. Keep reading to find out how you can create a peaceful and cozy home.

Temperature Control for the Seasons

Small homes tend to retain more heat in summer so you’ll need proper temperature control systems to keep your environment cool.

In winter your compact living space may be warmer but if it snows in your region the temperature can drop drastically. Installing an HVAC system to keep your house warm may be safer than a fireplace for compact homes because it’s less of a fire hazard.

Look for a reputable company that installs HVAC systems, such as Accuserv Heating. Experts can give you all the information you need so you install what’s appropriate for your size home.

Streamline your Home with Minimal Accents

Smaller spaces should have less furniture and accents. You should only include furniture you need in a room, such as chairs and tables, plus have fewer decorations. Keep the environment streamlined.

As mentioned before, too many paintings on the walls and ornaments on counters can make a small room look extremely cluttered. To make your living space organized, refrain from using decorative items around the house and only include practical items such as mirrors, clocks, and wall hangings.

Minimize decorations by only including one or two ornaments or framed pictures in each room. Rugs or carpets with no patterns or detailing look appealing in small spaces and tall standing lamps take up less space than desk lights.

Fewer details open up compact living environments so select furniture and accessories that have no patterns and that have a maximum of two colors.

Select an Appealing Color Palette

Small rooms should always have neutral tones to create an airy setting. If you select darker tones it will make the rooms look even smaller than what they are. Select white, beige, gray or pastel tones to brighten up your environment.

Pastel yellows go well in kitchens and light grey works for bathrooms. Select beige for the lounge because it will bring warmth to the room.

The color of your furniture can also make a huge impact on the aesthetics of your space so only select colors that will go well with the neutral tones of your walls and floors.

Skylights Open up Small Spaces

A skylight will brighten up a dark room and make it feel more tranquil and warm. Select a small skylight for a bedroom or lounge to open up the space because more light makes a room look bigger.

Final Thoughts

Your compact home doesn’t have to be a mess. A minimalistic home is the finest way you can live. Chuck out all the items you don’t use so you can keep your small home cozy and clutter-free from now on.

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