06/05 Vermonter’s tiny house with spiral staircase

Chrissy Bellmyer celebrates the delivery of her tiny house trailer.

Chrissy Bellmyer celebrates the delivery of her tiny house trailer.

In most homes 240 square feet might be the size of your living room and kitchen. Or maybe your bedroom and bathroom. But for Chrissy Bellmyer it’s the entire size of her tiny house.

This tiny house, coined ‘Little Lou,’ may not be big, but for Chrissy Bellmyer it’s everything that she was hoping for. “It’s amazing. Anybody who’s built a house before knows the hard work, or done a renovation, or built anything, knows how much hard work and your soul that you put into it,” says Bellmyer.

Chrissy became interested in tiny house living because it was more affordable that buying a traditional house. And it fits into her zero waste movement philosophy. “I’m trying to minimize my impact on the environment with the amount of trash and recycling that I produce,” says Bellmyer.

It all started with some conversations last March. “I ended up connecting with my friend Seth Lang. He’s a contractor at GW Lang and Sons in Crown Point, NY. And he was willing to help me out,” says Bellmyer.

Chrissy ordered the trailer base in May. It arrived in July and then the construction began. Six-months and $30-thousand later she had her tiny house on wheels.

A scrapbook, given to Chrissy by her parents, is filled with memories. “This picture right here was right before we towed it from New York to Vermont, and just coming in. It’s really light colors, clean. So it just felt peaceful. It was the first time I felt like oh, I’m gonna live here,” says Bellmyer…Chrissy’s favorite feature is her small spiral staircase inspired by an online photo….

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