Tiny Houses are Gaining Acceptance by RV Parks!

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More RV parks are welcoming tiny homes. Below find both RV parks and campgrounds, listed alphabetically by country, state, then city.

Be sure to call before arriving at an RV park to confirm they are “tiny house friendly.”



  • Alberta, Stony Plain: Stony Plain Lions RV Park & Campground – 9 Granite Drive, Stony Plain, Alberta
  • River John, Nova Scotia: Kokomo Campground – 1538 Gunn 4 Rd, East Branch, River John, Nova Scotia

United States

Interested in purchasing an RV lot? Be sure to explore whether there are any length of stay limits or closed seasons, as well as whether the park will accept your tiny house, before making a commitment.

Tiny House at RV Park

Tiny House at RV Park, from Evan and Gabby’s Tiny House

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