"Everyone fancies a designer look for their home, and you can have that even with a smaller space and lean budget."

Timeless Décor Suggestions That Will Make Your Tiny House Look Better

Even with a small space to work with, it doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, you can quickly accentuate it to what you like. Plus, you don’t have to go an extra mile than you can afford to make your house habitable and pleasantly surprising. The goal is to have a chic, sophisticated, yet simple overall outlook without trying too hard.

Everyone fancies a designer look for their home, and you can have that even with a smaller space and lean budget. If you have been decorating your home but still look cramped and dull, the guide below will help you achieve a better job.

Simple Layout

When you are decorating your home, complex stuff is not always better, especially with a small space. The trick is to have fancy yet simple stuff. Additionally, consider human traffic too. Avoid having stuff on people’s way. The layout should also be appealing; everything in the right place.

Bright Colors

You may like dark colors, but that will only make your house look smaller. Dark colors like black work best in large open spaces. Thus, consider a neutral pop like white to brighten up space. However, please ensure it blends in seamlessly if you are doing several colors.

You can brighten up your walls or introduce bright furniture pieces. Neutral colored throw pillows and rug would also look good. Flooring is also equally essential in determining your overall outlook.

If your couches are dark, brightly colored cushions will give them more life. Plus, you can also get a neutral carpet that will match with your curtains to engage the outlook. Also, remember that fewer decorations go a long way to improve your home’s appearance.

Utilize Multi-functional Spaces

A fundamental principle with small spaces is to work with what you have. Try as much as possible to avoid introducing bulky storage spaces that would eat further into the available spaces. Thus, you can use multifunctional units like a bed, which can double up as a storage area below the bunks.

You can also implement a sofa bed that will work as a sofa during the day and folds it up as a bed at night. You can also implement floating shelves instead of drawers that will take up more space.

Prioritize the Focal Point

The focal point of your home, specifically your living room, is the aspect that pops out when one enters the room at first glance. The idea is to centralize it and avoid competition in a bid to have several focal points.

Your focal point can be your art piece, television, and even a wall. Arrange your furniture to face the focal point you identify. When putting up wall hangings, bigger units like Chesterfield sofas or leather suites would be better than having several small pieces, which may look a little crowded.

Decorations are also a good way to improve your walls’ physical appeal. You can have Christian decorations for your home wall to give you some dose of inspiration. An encouraging scripture can be the much-needed help you need to take you through a rough morning.

Additionally, you may also have light mounts and a hanging pendant to increase the vertical length of your space.

Mirror on the Wall

With a mirror or even two, there can only be a fairer spot – your room. A mirror not only reflects the beauty of your room but also creates a bigger illusion. Therefore, your house will look bigger than it is.

A great spot to place them will be against the light seeping through your windows. The light will bounce back and brighten up your space.

Appropriate Furniture Size

If you have a small house, bulky furniture will not be pleasant no matter how beautiful they looked at the furniture showroom. Go for smaller furniture fittings that will spruce up your home’s look. You wouldn’t want to hit your toe every time you pass through the room.

Plus, it will also look congested. You can achieve a classy house with smaller and fewer furniture.


Even with a beautiful space, a cluttered look will wash down the general appearance. The trick is to ask yourself whether any item is in its right place. If not, avoid the possibility of a pile-up of items in the wrong area and take it to the rightful designated area. It makes the place presentable.

Even with kids around, let them know where to put back their toys after playing. Creating an ideal home layout is not a complex process. Play around with your creativity, explore different ideas, and settle on one theme that works best for you. Simple tricks can transform your house from a dull, washed down, and plain look to an exquisite, designer-worthy look in no time.

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