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Things That Can Ruin Your Home’s Plumbing System

Home plumbing is usually taken for granted. Even though it is one of the integral systems in our houses that we can do without, plumbing is generally forgotten and ignored. This only stops when things start going south. Plumbing systems often fail due to wear and tear and other mishaps that are out of our hands.

While these unstoppable problems only show their teeth after a long period of time, there are other fatal, and unfortunately common, mistakes many people make that ruin their houses’ plumbing systems. These bad habits do not only wreak havoc on the plumbing system, but they also cost a fortune in repairs. 

But what can we do to stop these bad habits? The first step is identifying these mistakes to be able to avoid them. Here are a few things that can ruin your home’s plumbing system that you should steer clear of to help you with this task.

Liquid Drain Cleaners

The quick fix of pouring a liquid in your clogged drain just for the problem to magically disappear surely sounds tempting. However, this temptation must be resisted. These products tend to do a quick job in unclogging drains because of the harsh chemicals they contain.

These harsh chemicals can easily generate heat, which consequently might lead to cracks in the piping system. Such chemicals also dangerously interact with corrosion and lead to fatal chemical reactions.

Flushing Foreign Objects

Many people deal with their toilet as another garbage bin. However, this behavior pattern can easily lead to clogs and many problems in the plumbing system. Some cities even went to an extent to stop people from flushing everything down the toilet by instilling some rules against this behavior, especially regarding dairy products.

If you flush milk down the toilet, you should know that some states have started imposing charges on dairy products specifically. They will not only cause problems to your plumbing system, but it’s also harmful to the environment.

DIY Projects

The temptation to fix minor problems yourself without seeking help from professionals is understandable. It saves money and spares you the effort of finding the right plumber for your needs.

However, this is the root of all evil when it comes to plumbing systems. Any wrong move might cost you the whole system. Thus, it’s better to leave it at the hand of professional plumbers to help you out when something breaks down.

The only thing worse than handling minor problems yourself without any help from plumbers is thinking you can handle a big plumbing project. 

Even though plumbers might charge high amounts, trying to save up by handling complicated plumbing projects all by yourself is bound to backfire. You might fall into many mishaps, such as joining wrong metal pipes together, over-tightening the connections, or even forgetting to stop the water supply before any attempt.

Leftovers and Grease

After spending hours in the kitchen cooking a sizzling dish, you probably end up left without enough energy to scrap the pan from grease and throw it away. Throwing some food leftovers might be fine, but with time, your drain is bound to get clogged.

Throwing grease down the toilet is another common mistake. However, you should know that grease tends to solidify when it’s cooled down. This means that pouring grease in the toilet will only lead to clumps that clog your drain and compromise its efficiency.

Toilet Fresheners

Drop-in toilet fresheners might sound like the ideal solution to an ugly problem. They come with big claims as they are the easiest and least messy way to clean a toilet. However, drop-in fresheners can cause serious damage to specific parts inside your tank. Most of these products contain chlorine, which dissolves to clean your toilet harshly.

Chlorine, however, is a harmful substance that usually causes corrosion in gaskets and washers. This is why it’s recommended to resort to the old, traditional cleaning method with the toilet bowl cleaner.

There are endless problems that might happen to your plumbing system. While many problems can’t be controlled as they are completely out of our hands, many other issues can be avoided when we learn from our mistakes. Bad habits in dealing with your plumbing system should be steered clear from to avoid high repair bills and headaches.

The important thing is always to leave such problems at the hand of professionals to avoid making minor problems worse.

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