08/29 The west is leading the way in tiny house friendliness!

tiny house in the desert

Alexis Stephens and Christian Parsons venture out west in their Tiny House Expedition.

The west is leading the way in making changes to welcome tiny houses. While some towns have never had regulations that require a minimum size of house, below are towns that specifically changed their codes to be more tiny house friendly. Most are in the west with notable exceptions in Florida and South Carolina:

  1. July 2014: Spur, Texas declares itself the first tiny house friendly town.
  2. September 2014: Walsenburg, Colorado modifies zoning code to allow tiny houses with a variance.
  3. September 2015: Rockledge, Florida approved the development of a tiny house community to consist of both tiny houses on foundations and tiny houses on wheels.
  4. January 2016: Fresno, California becomes the first city to modify its zoning to allow tiny houses on wheels in backyards without requiring a caregiver relationship.
  5. June 2016: Pima, Arizona modifies both zoning and building codes to accommodate tiny houses.
  6. July 2016: Washington County, Utah removes their minimum square foot requirement for houses on foundations.
  7. July 2016: Park County, Colorado reduces minimum square foot requirement from 600 to “about 250.”
  8. September 2016: Aiken, South Carolina will vote on allowing tiny houses on wheels on their own land.

More towns (like Ojai, California, Nantucket, Massachusetts, and Dandridge, Tennessee) have proposed changes that received initial support and may become law in the near future.


Elaine Walker