09/16 Spacious lounge is the heart of the tiny Ampersand House

The Ampersand tiny house by Zyl Vardos

The Ampersand tiny house by Zyl Vardos

Some like their tiny homes modern, others will lean bohemian or even gothic. So far, we’ve been seeing a number of unique, gypsy-esque tiny homes being built by Olympia, Washington’s Zyl Vardos (the word “vardo” refers to the traditional horse-drawn caravans favoured by the nomadic Roma people). Their latest creation is the Ampersand House, a wonderfully laid-back yet tasteful home that’s topped with one of the company’s signature sweeping roofs and punctuated with lots of custom, non-orthogonal windows.

Stepping inside, you can see the emphasis is on the generous, full-height sitting area, which feels quite large compared to other tinys we’ve seen.

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Elaine Walker