Z Huis Tiny


Z Huis is a tiny house on wheels. It’s finished size is 24′ x 8′. It is available for purchase in both physical and digital formats.


​The Z Huis tiny house is a modern, off-grid capable tiny home on wheels that is the result of a creative collaboration between homeowners Vince and Sam, designers/builders Wishbone Tiny Homes, and TV show Tiny House Nation. Built on an 8’x24′ custom trailer, this sturdy dwelling features a battery-backed 1KW solar PV system and off-grid water tank for total freedom. It also has creature comforts such as the “Zen Den”, multi-purpose secondary loft/office, huge bedroom loft, tiled shower, washer/dryer, and gas range with range hood. Perhaps the most unique element of this home is its climbing wall, which allows residents to access the secondary loft/office. All in all this home is great for 1 or 2 people looking for all the comforts of modern tiny home living with the option to be off-grid.

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