Mountain View Cottage


Mountain View Cottage is built using straw bale and includes 3 layout variations with the purchase. It’s finished size is 16’10 x 12’3. It is available for purchase in both physical and digital formats.


The Mountain View Cottage tiny house plans were designed by Andrew and Gabriella Morrison with help from their friend Chris Keefe in 2012. They were originally created for a couple in Oregon who were planning to build a 1500 sf straw bale house. Rather than build the large house right away, they decided to live on the land for a few years in three of the cottages which they nestled close to one another. There are three distinct floor plans for the Mountain View Cottage tiny house: one which contains a bedroom and bathroom, one with a kitchen and living space, and one that has an open floor plan. With your plans purchase you get all three versions!

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