Miter Box


With focus on energy efficiency, Miter Box is great for those going solar. Plans are only available digitally.


The Miter Box was one of the first modern, energy-efficiency-focused tiny houses. It’s a compact house, with 122 square feet on the main floor and a 28 square foot sleeping loft. Its simplicity, clean lines, and sharp contrast are a modern twist on classic childhood drawings of a house. The name was inspired by the carpenter’s miter box and the design’s corresponding attention to detail, intersecting lines, and precise commingling of warm wood and cool metal.

The interior has one counter, one shower, one sink, large amounts of storage under the salon seats, and additional storage in the small loft above the entrance and bathroom. The full bathroom has space for a composting or conventional toilet, shower, and medicine cabinet. The dining area is sized to convert into an additional double bed for single-floor living or guest accommodations.

The original model was constructed with $22,000 in materials, yet created a warm, inviting space in a clean, elegant design. Step into your future and relax in this modern tiny house design.

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