Applegate Cottage


The Applegate Cottage is a bungalow style home built with straw bale. It’s finished size is 34′ x 25′. It is available for purchase in both physical and digital formats.


This beautiful bungalow style home is perfect for those looking to get out of the rat race by downsizing into something that is super efficient and cost effective. The Applegate Cottage is a perfect example of space-smart design in which every space has a use and is essential to the overall flow of the home.

Gabriella and Andrew Morrison, the designers of the hOMe tiny house, have been long time supporters of straw bale construction, with Andrew teaching hands-on straw bale construction workshops globally for more than ten years. The Applegate Cottage was a home they actually designed with the help of their long time friend Chris Keefe of Organicforms Design, long before they designed hOMe. The Applegate Cottage offers simple, elegant, comfortable, and affordable design.

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