07/04 Seeking tiny house parking location near Durham, NH

Hi, my girlfriend and I are looking for a place to park our tiny house that is currently under construction.  We would prefer to be on a farm or in a country setting. We intend to live in it for much of the time from September 1 to May 15, or perhaps longer.

It will be a nice looking traveling house with a simple shed roof, built on a 20′ car trailer, and furnished with natural cedar siding, galvanized steel roofing and a very efficient setup. We will be relatively self sufficient, requiring only an extension cord for power to supplement our small roof mounted solar panel. Our heat will come from a Jotul 602C woodstove. We aim to collect rainwater from our roof and haul in any extra water in my truck, and will have a high-tech composting toilet. We are quiet and peaceful people and are very respectful of other people’s space and privacy.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in agriculture & environment and am a Carpenter and Painter of 12 years and we’ve both worked a lot on farms and landscaping. She is currently studying social work at UNH. We would definitely be interested in trading part/all of the rent for help around the property.

We would like to be located in any of the following towns: Deerfield, Nottingham, Northwood, Barrington, Lee, Madbury, Durham, Newmarket and Dover.

So, in closing, we are willing to exchange rent and/or equivalent work for a place for the tiny house during the fall/winter/spring (mostly during the weekdays) or perhaps longer.

This would be a great way for a potential host to earn a little extra income or get some help around the property without increasing tax burden or investing any money.


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