Robot Mop Review: A Look At The iRobot Braava Jet 240

iRobot Braava Jet 240 Robotic Mop Review 2019

Have you ever wished that you could mop your floors without breaking a sweat? Today it is possible, thanks to the best robot mops. These professional cleaners with mopping functions can take care of various messes on your hard flooring with little to no assistance from you. With a simple push of its start button, it’ll do whatever task you programmed it to do as you sit back and relax.

The iRobot Braava Jet 240 is probably one of the most popular mopping robots around. It’s from a company known for its series of robot vacuums called Roomba. Their collection of smart home gadgets is specifically designed to ensure your hard flooring, as well as tiles, hardwood, laminate or vinyl spick and span.

The most budget-friendly and compact among their line of robotic mops is the Braava Jet 240. The cleaning machine comes with a few different modes and several beneficial features. But will it be worth your hard-earned money? Will it live up to your expectations?

Our comprehensive review will try to answer all the lingering questions you have in mind. Additionally, it’ll help you decide if it’s the most reliable cleaning companion that can meet the cleaning requirements of your humble abode.

Braava Jet 240 Robot’s Unique Features

What sets the iRobot Braava Jet 240 apart from the competition is that it releases water upfront in a squirt-like manner instead of letting it drip underneath its water reservoir. The device then begins mopping your surfaces. It’ll repeat the process until it completes the entire mopping task.

Moreover, it has a cleaning pattern comparable to its sister, the iRobot Braava 380T. However, it has a disposable cleaning cloth rather than a washable microfiber cloth. It’s also pre-soaked with a cleaning agent.

It’s quite convenient, but it may cost you more in the long run. Nonetheless, you have an option to purchase iRobot’s microfiber cloth. You just need to soak it in a cleaning agent before allowing your unit to do its job.

Aside from these, the smart machine comes with the following notable features:

  • The iAdapt 2.0 navigation system.
  • Its mop and sweep functionalities can handle tiles, stone floorings, and hardwood. Additionally, it’s great at taking care of your kitchen, bathroom, and other compact spots in your house.
  • Its compact design enables the unit to go underneath and around tight spaces.
  • Its cleaning head vibrates, and its accurate jet spray can take care of dried soda, coffee, and other hard-to-remove stains.
  • It can automatically determine its cleaning mode, basing it on the information from the pad attached to it.


The Braava Jet 240 may not have a higher price tag in comparison to other iRobot models, but it boasts some helpful add-ons which include the following:

  • Lithium-ion battery, which takes a couple of hours to charge fully.
  • A charger for its battery that you can directly plug into an electrical outlet.
  • A couple of dry sweeping cloths for handling hair, dirt, and dust.
  • It also has two damp sweeping pads suitable for getting rid of dust and dirt.
  • Its two mopping pads are perfect for taking care of stains.

This smart gadget may not come with a lot of extra accessories and parts, but these items are enough at keeping your surfaces gleaming and fresh-looking all the time. Nevertheless, there’s a high chance that you’ll need a few extra cleaning pads in the future. But there are plenty of options available both in the store and online.

Ability To Clean

Keep in mind that the Braava Jet 240 doesn’t come with a vacuum motor. So basically, its main function is mopping. It does come with three modes with each mode activating depending on the mop type attached to it.

This iRobot model’s cleaning modes are as follows:

  • Wet mopping. It’s similar to floor mopping. To activate this mode, simply attach the blue mop to your robot. It’ll provide you with just the right level of agitation to tackle stains like coffee spills. Your device will make at least three passes across your flooring while washing it in a back and forth and side to side movement in short intervals. Once done, it will then go over to the next spot. The Jet 240 can handle a floor area of as much as 200sq ft in this mode. It’s also utilize most water and battery charge in this mode.
  • Damp sweeping. Attaching the pink pad will activate this mode. It has the same cleaning patterns as dry sweeping. But instead of passing over your flooring three times, it’ll make two trips. Also, you’ll feel your unit vibrate as the cleaning agent is activated by the sprayer by squirting water. The gentler and more moderate mode creates a back and forth movement in a straight pattern and utilizes less water, which is ideal for handling your sealed flooring.
  • Dry sweeping. Accessible by attaching the cloth for dry sweeping. This mode doesn’t spray water as it passes on your surfaces once using a straight pattern. The dry pad will pick up specks of fine dirt, hair, and dust along its way. You can dry sweep all flooring types of up to 250 sq ft.

iRobot App

Roomba vacuums use an app called the iRobot app. You’ll enjoy quite a few benefits when you pair it with the Jet 240. The most obvious one being that you’ll be able to manage your device even when you’re away. It also gives you that freedom to regulate how much water your gadget sprays when it’s set to wet mopping and damp sweeping modes. Plus, the app offers tutorials that you’ll find quite useful.   


The iRobot Braava Jet 240 is a highly economical option. It is a good choice for those looking for a cost-effective, smart mopping solution. Nevertheless, its power is not sufficient to eliminate that stubborn filth in your space. So for the more demanding tasks you may still need to do some manual mopping.

This model is ideal for apartments and smaller homes. At a full charge, it can clean a house with an area ranging from 150 to 200 sq ft. You can find the Braava jet® 240 In Stock at the iRobot store.


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