"Upgrading your blinds can improve several areas of your life, including happiness! Read on to find out more."

5 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your Window Blinds In 2021

What a weird year 2020 has been right? So much has happened this year that I wouldn’t even know where to begin talking about it. So rather than making another article looking back over this frankly horrendous year, let’s look forwards to 2021 and all that it has to hold for us.

One of the biggest changes we will see in 2021 is the fact we will be able to stop social distancing and socially mix with our friends and families once again, this means people will be able to come to visit your home again, so you should make sure everything is tip-top ready for your guests to see your home for the first time in almost a year! So any DIY tasks or home improvement should be done, but also, you should look to upgrade your blinds! Why? We spoke to the team at DotcomBlinds.com to find out!

1. Sleep Better

Starting with one of the most important reasons to upgrade your blinds… sleep! Not getting enough sleep can increase the likelihood of you getting sick with certain issues such as heart problems or obesity and limits your mental function, so getting good sleep can be life or death for some people.

By upgrading your bedroom blinds to blackout blinds you’ll effectively halt any light leakage in your bedroom and help muffle outside noise. It’s important to note that light leakage and outside noises are two of the biggest causes of getting a poor night’s sleep, so upgrading to blackout blinds could drastically improve your sleep and wellbeing.

2. Add To Your Style

While people may not think that blinds influence their interior décor that much, that is actually the opposite of reality. Blinds play a massive part in setting up the ambiance and style of a room, they change how outside light enters a room, add in extra colors, and can even be paired with other furnishings.

So, throwing out an old tatty blind and replacing it with a new stylish blind will help elevate the look of any room inside your home, whether it be new Venetian blinds in your living room, or pleated blinds in a conservatory, new blinds can massively improve the look and feel of a room.

3. Save On Your Heating Bills

Another perk of having excellent blinds in your home: simply adding a thick window blind over any window of your home will stop air from leaking into your home and help keep your home insulated by keeping hot (or cold) air inside.

Because of this, you’ll find that after upgrading your blinds your heating bills may drop, especially in winter, as your rooms are better insulated. You will be able to heat your home to a lower temperature, for less time, and still get the same amount of heating benefits in your home.

4. Stop Worrying About Stains

Next up on our list, stop worrying about stains. Most curtains and some blinds are made of cotton-based fabric, which while stylish are extremely susceptible to picking up stains from window condensation, spillages, or rowdy children.

So, if you have window dressings in a window that gets a lot of condensation, or in a room like your kitchen where stains could be common, you should look into upgrading to ‘Wipe Clean’ blinds, which are made out of a wipe-clean fabric, so that they won’t stain or pick up discoloration from window dampness.

5. Keep Your Feet Up & The Sun Out

The final reason that you should update your window blinds in 2021, is keeping your feet up. This may seem strange, but with normal window dressings, you’ll have to manually adjust the settings to keep the light out, which can easily put a downer on your relaxing efforts.

So, with modern electric blinds, you can remotely control the blinds in your home from the safety of your sofa, without needing to get up you can adjust your blinds and keep the sun out of your eyes. So this upgrade is great for anyone with mobility issues such as the elderly but is also perfect for those who’re just a bit lazy.

And there you have it, five easy and simple, but compelling reasons for you to upgrade your window blinds in 2021, are there any other benefits of good blinds you know, that you’d like to share with us? Let us know down in the comments!

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