Pause – For A Dramatic Entrance

Tiny House Community is getting a makeover! Expect changes over the next few weeks and great additions to help you get what you need for your tiny house!

Last December, Elaine announced she was moving on from the site. She found Cy to take over where she left off. (See post below)

Cy is the proud owner of a built-from-scratch gypsy wagon and travels wherever his heart takes him. He currently resides in North Carolina, happily nestled between lots of trees (and maybe one too many mosquitoes).

I’m Stephanie, part of Cy’s delightful family. I plan to help out around the site as much as I can. I’m here to help you get more enjoyment out of Tiny House Community. I want you to easily find the information you need whether you’re building, buying, renting, or just looking for other tiny house owners to connect with. I’m here for you!

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Stephanie McQueen

Stephanie is the content curator and resource hoarder of all things tiny houses. She enjoys collecting information about tiny houses and writing easy-to-understand articles that help you make informed decisions whether you're building, buying, renting, selling, or parking your tiny house. Only thing she loves to do more than hoard information? Share it! Connect with Stephanie through LinkedIn, her portfolio, or her done-for-you marketing agency, Employed By Life Online.

4 thoughts on “Pause – For A Dramatic Entrance”

  1. I clicked on a link that said I could fill out a “form” to find parking for my tiny house….It led me to this page and there is no form. Where is the form to fill out?

    1. In just a few days, you won’t need a form to add your information! We are underway in implementing a new map system, so please bear with us while we work. 🙂 I will be posting a new update on the site to ensure everyone knows when it is up. Thanks for your interest in THC!


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