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Park County, Colorado Allows Tiny Houses 120 sq. ft. or More

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Great news! A county in Colorado allows tiny houses. Park county is located just outside of Denver, Colorado. If you’re looking for a great outdoor adventure but still want to go tiny, Park county is a great place to build a tiny house.

On Park County’s FAQs, they state in the Building section, question 21: What is the smallest cabin/house I can build?

Their answer?

“Refer to 2012 International Residential Code Section R304.”

Well, that was anticlimactic. Let’s head over to IRC’s website and check out section R304.

It states that minimum room dwellings must have at least one habitable room that’s 120 square feet or more (gross area).

2012 IRC Section R304 for building and minimal habitable space

Does this mean I can have a tiny house in Colorado?

Yes! You can build a tiny house in Park county, Colorado.  A modular or HUD home must be built by a contractor with the correct local licensing.

This is great news for the state and is massive progress for the tiny house movement.

“Can I build my own home?”

Yes, Park County does allow home-owner builders. However, the only stipulation is that the structure cannot be offered for sale until after the Certificate of Occupancy is issued. Home-owner builders can only build one dwelling as owner/builder every four years after the Certificate of Occupancy is issued.

Their current building permit fee (as of the published date of this post) is $1.13 per square foot for a dwelling. This means that the minimum cost for a tiny house would only be $135.60.

Essentially you could get started on your tiny house for just a few hundred dollars!

Other things to note about building a Tiny House in Park Co, Colorado

Park County, Colorado Trail Map

Park County Trail Map

Your plans must be engineered and approved by the county. The county is in a special wind load and special snow load area. They must be approved and stamped by a Colorado Registered Structural Engineer. If you are unsure of what this means, you’ll just need to take your tiny house plans to a contractor and find out the next steps. They will be able to explain how to accomplish this and help you get your plans engineered and approved by the state and county.

There are some other things to note from this FAQ page, however. They do not allow mobile homes. The information they supply on this is:

“A mobile home is a “factory-assembled structure at least 14 feet wide without a permanent foundation, designed to be transported on its own wheels arriving at the site requiring no construction activities in order to be occupied.” Removal of the wheels and placement on a foundation does not change its classification as a Mobile Home. Park County does not allow a Mobile Home to be used as a Principal or Accessory Building in any zone district except for the Mobile Home Park zone district. The term “mobile home” does not include travel trailers, fifth-wheel trailers, campers, camper buses, motor homes, modular homes, Recreational Vehicles, or Manufactured Homes.

They do not allow camping on land or primitive cabins, as all structures are required to have running water, plumbing, electrical and sanitation facilities.

Where is Park County Located in Colorado?

Just outside of Denver. I pulled up a map for you on Google that outlines the boundaries of Park county and shows the vast amount of land it covers.

I made a point to take a look at some pictures of the area… It’s beautiful! Take a look at Park County’s photo album.

Find out more about Park County on their website.


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