"A kitchen is a favorite room for any food enthusiast, and it is also an essential place for every home. Living in a tiny house leaves small space for kitchenware. These tips will help you plan ahead."

Organizing Your Small Kitchen with these Effective Tips

A kitchen is a favorite room for any food enthusiast, and it is also an essential place for every home. However, due to unavoidable circumstances, you might be having a small kitchen. Having a small kitchen doesn’t mean staying disorganized, which makes your kitchen untidy. 

How do you organize a small kitchen? There are various ways you can make your small kitchen appear organized, neat, and clean. This article will discuss the practical tips that will help you organize your cooking area. Here are the leads.

1. Declutter Your Kitchen

Your small kitchen should not be overstuffed, especially with things that never get used. Declutter items and remain with only the essential ones. Other than the utensils, you can purge shelves and cabinets that are far to reach or can’t accommodate anything in your kitchen to create more space.

You should go through every gadget, utensils, and other appliances when organising your kitchen and ensure anything unnecessary is removed and stored in another area. Leave only the items you regularly use.

For example, if you rarely do baking, there is no need to have baking items and utensils in your kitchen. You can pack them and store them away until the day you will need them again.

Decluttering your kitchen makes it easy to organize and clean. 

2. Put Essential Items Close

Always try to be strategic when arranging your kitchen. Of course, you use some items and ingredients for cooking every meal in your kitchen, while others aren’t on regular use.

Salt, sugar, spices, and other food additives are for everyday use, while the seasoning items are only for particular foods. Start by putting essential things close to the non-essentials to enable easy reach when conducting your cooking business.

If you don’t regularly use appliances such as toasters and microwaves, you can put them on higher shelves, while regular items such as serving spoons and plates can be on the lower shelves.

Doing so will make everything reachable according to its need, and it will help make your kitchen organized.

3. Get Organizers that Work with Your Space

In a smaller kitchen, most people buy or install kitchen organizers, which use up a lot of space instead of maximizing it. You have to choose organizers that work with your area and not against the room since they will hinder fixing everything in your kitchen. Instead of buying something you like, get something that is as good but perfectly fits into your kitchens’ tiny space. 

Get organizers that can fit perfectly in your shelves, on sink tops, under the sink, and any other area in your kitchen. They should not take much space, and they must not protrude to cause inconveniences. Items fit for this purpose include under-sink utensil racks, a riser for your mug cabinet, a wall knife holder, and some plastic trays to store your cutleries.

Anything that doesn’t fit perfectly should be exchanged for a smaller one or shaped to fit.

4. Place Similar Items Together

This idea perfectly works in a smaller kitchen. Similar items are placed together, starting with the rarely used at the bottom and the most used at the top. Things that can be in this arrangement include cups, plates, water bottles, and other utensils. You only need to get a utensils tray or a shelf and neatly arrange the items depending on their size and usage rate. 

Also, when setting, ensure the items can easily get accessed by anyone who uses the kitchen. You can place the rarely used items on the farthest ends, with the regular items near everyone’s reach as detailed above. If you have smaller items that aren’t easy to arrange, you can get separators for your shelves and cabinets to make this trick work for all things.

5. Get Hooks Inside your Cabinets

Your cabinets might be having empty spaces, especially the backside. If you are short of space in your tiny kitchen, you can use this space by merely attaching hooks in it and hanging in items such as potholders and dish towels. You don’t have to drill the rivets; you can get sticky hooks that are easily removable if you change your mind about the idea. Other than holding the items, they keep them off-site, making your kitchen look neat and organized.

There are several ways you can arrange your tiny kitchen. We have just given a few but essential ones. Others you can practice include setting your drawers, using the space above your fridge, getting rid of plastic bags and using containers, and much more. Ensure whatever you do leaves your kitchen neat and with more room to work. We hope these tips will help you immensely.

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