09/21 Older tiny homes across the USA

13421 Sprecher Ave Cleveland, OH for $28,900

13421 Sprecher Ave
Cleveland, OH for $28,900

There are many small,old houses across the USA. You can search via Zillow for houses with sq ft between 100 and 600 (or whatever numbers you choose).

searching via Zillow

searching via Zillow

I usually start with Zillow for its easy search features, then move to Realtor.com because it’s more accurate.

Here’s a cute little house in Cleveland, 441 sq ft for only $28,900, including the land. It would be hard to build a new tiny house for much less, even without land.

Be sure to have the home inspected. Older houses may have termites or mold and/or need new wiring.

If you (or the house) won’t qualify for a traditional mortgage, you may be able to get a loan through private lenders or hard money lenders.

Here’s the listing for the house pictured http://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/13421-Sprecher-Ave_Cleveland_OH_44135_M39269-20012


Elaine Walker