My Top Ten Favorite Things About Tiny Houses

My tiny house journey began in 2008 with a workshop in New York City taught by Jay Shafer, current founder of Four Lights Houses (and original founder of Tumbleweed Tiny House Company). I had the pleasure of owning my own tiny house since 2009. Here are my top ten favorite things about them:

  1. Their beautiful, unique designs. Even folks who start by purchasing a plan like I did, will usually customize to make it truly their own.
  2. Their use of quality materials (either hand made or recycled).
  3. Their affordability. Cost is usually less than a year’s salary.
  4. Their accessibility. Anyone with basic building skills and good workmanship practices can build one.
  5. The limited decision making. There are only so many square feet and components, so designing and decorating is fun without being overwhelming.
  6. The lack of room for buying in bulk. With a few shelves and a tiny refrigerator, food is always fresh.
  7. Their portability and permanence. You can bring them with you when you move. Mine was built in New Hampshire and then moved to California, then Washington, DC, and is now in Florida.
  8. Their independence and completeness. No shared walls.
  9. The panoramic view. No worries about an intruder lurking behind a door. You can see the whole interior of the house at a glance.
  10. Their low maintenance requirements. Cleaning takes less than an hour.

What are your top ten favorite things?

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Elaine Walker

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