Moving Into A Tiny House: Packing Hacks You Need to Know

Living in a small space can help you discover the things that matter in life. The transition from a big house to a tiny home can be challenging but liberating at the same time. As you get accustomed to living with fewer possessions, you begin to experience a superior sense of freedom and find yourself more interested in a life of value.

Packing and preparing for this new living experience can be daunting, especially as you will have to give up a lot of things. To help you, we have gathered some packing hacks you need to know. Keep on reading and be sure to give our suggestions a try.

1. Box of essentials

Throughout time, we end up accumulating a lot of items we don’t need. If you are moving to a tiny house, you will have to give up these things and concentrate on packing the essentials. Organize a box of essential items and make sure to label it accordingly. This will help you save a lot of time and energy in the first days after the move.

2. Donate Pile

Before you proceed with the actual packing, you will have to make some difficult decisions. When it comes to clothes, you can organize a donate pile and find some charities to pick them up. You can do the same for other items you will no longer use. Provided you will work with an accredited organization; you can claim a tax deduction for your donations.

3. Free Moving Boxes

Even if you do not have a lot of things to pack, you will still need moving boxes. Blake from Sarasota Sunshine Movers said “Instead of spending a part of your budget on such expenses, you can go online and use websites like Nextdoor or Craigslist to find such boxes for free. As an alternative, you can visit the local stores and ask for boxes they no longer use.”

4. Moving App

You might not think that you need such an application but the truth is that it can be quite useful. First of all, it will help you stay organized and arrange all the items you want to take in your new house. Moreover, you can categorize your possessions and use the barcode scanner to keep track of all packed items.

5. Vacuum Seal

A tiny house means a lot less space than you are accustomed to, particularly in the beginning. For the out-of-season clothes, you might want to consider using a vacuum seal. This is the perfect solution for storing the clothes you are not currently using, allowing you to save a lot of space.

These are some of the most useful packing hacks to know and try when moving to a tiny house. This will be a challenge but one that is worth going through. You will finally be able to enjoy experiences and not possessions, creating memories with the ones you love and cherishing them for the rest of your life.

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