Map Overview & Regulations

The new map system is created for you, the tiny house enthusiast! Because of the volume of users and people viewing the site on a daily basis, it is important to set ground rules and guidelines to ensure everyone enjoys their stay on the site.

The map will show you several different things, you can always change what you’re looking at via the check boxes and other selection options on the map. If you need to add a listing to one of these categories, it’s easy! Just select “Add (category)” and it will take you to the correct form to fill out. There are several regulations you’ll need to abide by.

Listing Regulations

(1) Putting the right content in the right category is the most important regulation that will keep the map organized. This means you cannot list your tiny house for sale or rent under the parking and communities category. It is important because the information is visible to thousands of people every day and organization is key. There are fields in each category that allow users to search for specific features or keywords to help narrow down what they’re looking for. Use this to your advantage to make sure your listing is seen!

(2) Fees. All fees are set in place to ensure users are serious about listing. This is an advertising service. Your listing is reaching thousands of people every day. You must be serious about your listing, whether it be a tiny house for sale, rent, a community, RV park, or putting your professional services online. You will be contacted by users through the map who are seeking your tiny house, community, or service. Listings that are duplicated or seen as going around this rule in any way will be removed with or without notification.

We try to keep fees very minimal. Remember you are advertising to thousands of people every single day.

The only category that will never require a fee is the Communities For A Cause category. We want users to share a community they know about on the map so others can help or use the services!

(3) Information. Fields must be completed as required, but not duplicated in the description field. For example, if you put your phone number and name on the Full Package listing for communities, you are not allowed to duplicate it on the description. In addition to this, you are not allowed to add contact information into your description. If you want users to be able to contact you, you must upgrade your listing from free to paid. The description field is for describing your location/venue/business. The description field is limited to how many characters you can use based on the package selected, so use easy-to-read short sentences to describe your listing.

Fields should be used appropriately.

Title: Create a title that describes your listing in a few words so others can understand what it is. For example, if you’re listing your own land or back yard, use something like “Big Lot with Trees and Flowers” that way if I see your listing title, I understand what it is you’re offering.
Description: Should be just that, a description. Describe the area or service, what’s around (is it close or far from the city/grocery stores?), if it’s in your back yard or a community, if you’ve been in business for years, maybe you’ve built 10 tiny houses already. Make it appropriate for your listing. The description should be your selling point. What makes your listing more appealing than the next?
Address: Enter your address to show up on the map. If you do not want to list your personal address (in case of a private rental), then you are able to drag the marker to the nearest city and the address will auto-fill for you. If you do this, you might want to mention that the address is available upon request.
Email: An email address is required for all listings. We have a function integrated that protects your personal email from getting collected by spammers. Your email is encrypted and people who inquire do not see your email either. We want to make sure your personal email is protected.
Other Contact information: Phone, Website, and Social Media should be in their respective fields, not in your description. This keeps listings consistent so people know where to look for information if they want to know more. Stuffing it into your description makes it messy and hard to find.
Amenities: When you upgrade your listing, you get the ability to tell viewers more about your community, lot, or tiny house. Does your community have sewer hookups? Perhaps you offer power for your back yard? These are the facts about your listing. Tell viewers what they get.
More Information: There are many other items that are asked for in many different packages. Please keep these items in their respective fields!
Pictures: It is always important to have a good picture of what your listing is about. If you don’t, that’s okay! A picture is not required and you can always come back to add one (or more!) later.

(4) Always ask questions to sellers to learn more information, ask to see what they are selling, and be cautious when dealing with money from unknown sources. It is for your own safety to learn the practices of protection during a transaction between sellers and buyers. We try to protect private information as much as we can, but once you leave the site it is out of our hands. Be safe and courteous always.

Although we try to protect you, by using our service you agree to not hold Tiny House Community liable for any scams, fraud, or otherwise unreliable information found on our map. While we do try to regulate information as much as we can, it is impossible to know the intentions of another person.

(5) At any time, Tiny House Community reserves the right to remove or change any listing at any time if we feel these regulations were not adhered to without warning or notification of the process. By listing your information, you agree to these rules and agree to abide by them. All information on this website is property of Tiny House Community unless otherwise stated.

Please respect our community rules and adhere to them!

Happy Tiny Listings!

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