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Can We End Homelessness with Tiny Houses?

Did you know that over 553,000 people are homeless in the USA?
That’s bigger than the population of Atlanta, Georgia!

Plus, almost 40,000 of those people are US military veterans…

We cannot be satisfied with the state of our society as long as citizens and veterans are walking the streets with no home to walk to.

Did you know, in a given day… more than 30,000 adults and children flee their homes to get away from domestic violence and abuse?

They seek shelter, but nearly 50% of them are turned away because the shelters are full or understaffed…

We cannot be satisfied with turning away adults and children from emergency shelters because there is no room for them.

Did you know that more than 23,000 foster children will age out of the system every year and become homeless?

When foster children turn 18 they are no longer cared for by the system. They are sent out on their own no matter their situation.

We will never be satisfied with children growing up and becoming homeless because they were never adopted by a family that could give them a roof over their heads.

My dream started when I learned about tiny houses.

The articles, emails, TV shows, and personal stories (including those on YouTube)…

I saw the impact they can make on a person’s life. I saw how they can take a family struggling to keep their home, a family struggling to pay the bills, a family struggling to put food on the table…

I saw how it can change their lives in such a dramatic way…

A family can go from drowning in debt, to flourishing with more in their savings account. A family can go from the edge of homelessness, to a vacation overseas.

Tiny houses can give homeless veterans and regular citizens a place of their own…

Tiny houses can provide safe housing and shelter from domestic violence…

Tiny houses can give foster teens a place to rest their head while they get on their feet….

I have a dream… That we can end homelessness.

A dream that we can build a solid community that supports those that have less than us. A dream where we can teach important life skills to those less fortunate in our society.

Where we can rise up and accept the challenge of creating a more sustainable future for our society. That we can build up the foundation of security and peace for those that can’t afford to go home at night. For those with no home to go to.

I have a dream that we can support children and parents fleeing from disturbing and violent lifestyles with open arms and a safe haven where they rest with comfort… knowing they are protected. A place where young adults are taught how to be self-reliant so they can leave the foster system with confidence and success.

I have a plan… to end homelessness.

You see, I realized I have the exact skill needed to do this… to end homelessness.

“Well what is it?”

Action. Consistent action-taking.

>>You can download the PDF of my current stretch goals and action-steps here<<

“That can’t be all you need to do something like this…”

You’re right. I also have a strong “why”.

Accomplishing goals requires action. Action is driven by a strong “why”.

I’ve seen a lot of good people (friends & family) couch surf or be on the streets. I want to do this for them. For your friends and family.

On top of that… the people I want to help are homeless by no fault of their own.
Many were never taught how to handle money. (The schools definitely don’t teach this…)
Others just couldn’t work enough jobs to cover housing. (The housing crisis is a real thing…)

Then there are the ones that can’t help themselves. Seniors, disabled, special needs.

If we don’t help, who will?


Sure I have other skills. But my professional skills are like a square peg trying to go into a round hole… They don’t quite fit.

Everything else I can utilize by learning from others.

>>You can download the PDF of my current stretch goals and action-steps here<<


This is a team effort.

I don’t need to know it all, I just have to organize it all into one place.

I am about to create a global movement that is more than just about tiny houses.

It’s about ending homelessness.

By any means necessary.

To help families stay off the streets. To protect the unfortunate from violence and abuse through transitional housing. To assist the less fortunate by supplying shelter.

Can we really end homelessness?

Only together.

“What about me? Where do I fit into all of this?”

There are several things you can do right now to help. You can:

Donate your money.
You’re busy. I get that. Not everyone has the time and knowledge to help, but they can provide monetary support.
[Donate any value to GoFundMe to financially support us.]

Donate your time.
You have some spare time and really believe in this cause. You aren’t able to support financially but want to help out.
[Go here to offer your time.] 

Donate your knowledge.
You’ve done this before in your local community. You want to help us expedite the processes of tackling this on a national then global scale.
[Go here to offer your wisdom.] 

As an additional bonus for financial donations, I am offering a free gift.
In my professional capacity, I am a web specialist, graphic designer, and copy writer.

For anyone that donates more than $20, I will gift my services to you. You will receive a special link to fill out a form after you donate.

If you are not interested in your free gift, no worries. It’s there for those that need it as my way of saying “thanks”.

I will be keeping you informed with deep insights into my progress through social media and email.

What are you waiting for? Take action now.

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