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Landscape Designs That Suits Both Your Style and Personality

People are incredibly different. Some love nature whilst others like technology. One person may be happy reading a book whilst another will want to be outside playing sports. These differences are often reflected in our job choices. 

Interestingly, our homes and gardens can say a lot about us too. It’s not hard to spot people who are not keen gardeners, disorganized, or overly busy. On the other end of the spectrum are the perfectionists, working day and night to keep everything in perfect order.

When someone decides to renovate their garden, they can become confused over the many options they can choose. This article provides some key clues as to how we can let our personalities shine through our gardens. 

Custom-Made Dreams 

It can’t be overstated how important it is to draw up a game plan before doing anything. If one is correctly created, it will provide a step by step course of action. When the project is all there in black and white, it will be less likely to be abandoned halfway through.

When people ask experienced gardeners for advice, the replies can be pure gold. This is why so many people either consult or employ landscape gardeners to do the work.

Charlotte, NC, is a densely populated area with very changeable weather for gardeners. When it comes to landscaping Charlotte, NC, the professionals say people need consultations and site visits first.

Specialists often assess the health of the existing plants and trees and advise on new ones. Other factors are discussed, such as luxury projects, drainage, and irrigation or outdoor lighting. 

Open Gardens For Sociable People 

Some folk always seem to have people round for coffee, evening meals, or parties. Their homes are based around this and feature such things as coffee trolleys, drinks cabinets, and plenty of seating. 

Many people make their gardens an extension of their personal preferences and lifestyle. In this scenario, a person may opt for a swimming pool or hot tub to keep adults and children occupied. There may be awnings, a gazebo, or a covered area for all-weather entertaining. Such people also consider outside lighting to help with entertaining, and fire pits and heaters to keep people warm. There may be a need for a garden shed to store some of the outdoor furniture too. 

A barbecue with a patio area may be a major priority as it enables people to eat outdoors and enjoy the sunshine during the summer. Consideration may also be given to the provision of external speakers for music. 

Secluded Gardens For Private People

Some people keep themselves to themselves. They may keep their curtains drawn and be rarely seen outdoors. When such people think about renovating their gardens, privacy may be a key consideration. They will probably not like it if neighbors can see into the garden. 

Landscape gardeners may prescribe high fences and hedges. There may be a summer house or shed to block other exposed areas. Some people enjoy trees that overhang the garden from all sides, even though this can make the area dark. There are solutions even here, however. Native bracken ferns are good at growing in shadowy locations and providing a splash of light. 

Other folks may opt for a secret garden. If there are two well-placed trees, it may be that the landowner will enjoy sitting in a hammock whilst reading.

Gardens For Keen Gardeners

If this is you, you won’t be afraid of having rows of plants to tend. The research will probably be made to find the best foliage for each season of the year. You may even want to grow fruit and vegetables, depending on the size of the land. 

Having a pond- and perhaps a waterfall – would need some maintenance, and fish could be introduced. 

Gardens For The Minimalists Or Super Busy

It may be that a person is very black and white. They may like things to be ‘just so’ without any variation. The house may be furnished in a minimalist style, with modern decor and few pictures or ornaments. These rooms may look sparse, but they will often be uncluttered and easy to clean. 

When it comes to outdoors, such a person may want a simple design. If they are very busy, they’ll want it all set up to need little maintenance. Perhaps there should be more patio slabs than grass and flower beds. Seating and functionality may trump such things as plants, ponds, and waterfalls.

Having said that, some plants are pretty hardy and can survive a lack of care and watering! If they are perennial, it will reduce the need to plant new flowers each year, and if trees are evergreen, they will look good in all seasons. 

Gardens For The Modern Or Retro

Someone with a modern home may prefer the latest designs in garden chairs and furnishings. Needless to say, it will all be matching rather than be a collection of items that have been acquired over the years. The area may be spacious and relaxing. There may be some garden chimes to provide ‘natural’ music. 

In contrast, someone who has an old-fashioned home with antique decor may purchase vintage garden furniture and plant flowers to create that ‘postcard’ look. There may be water features or a birdbath or table to attract nature.  

Character Assessments

Many people unconsciously create gardens that reflect their personalities. Anyone who is struggling in this area should write down their personality and decor tastes. It may even be worth asking a friend to provide their input. If someone loves the smell of freshly-cut grass, they should choose a lawn. If the person is creative and active, perhaps there should be a few quirky surprises in the garden.

Hopefully, this article has provided some ideas and insight. A person may also find some clues in what they’ve already done. Did they start to plant flowers or build something? It’s time to finish the task and make this garden beautiful.

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