"The idea of going minimalist and living in a tiny home sits well with many people. However, transitioning into this kind of lifestyle means you have to think about how your mobile home can be a target for theft."

How to Protect Your Tiny House from Theft

The idea of going minimalist and living in a tiny home sits well with many people, particularly millennials. However, transitioning into this kind of lifestyle means you have to think about how your mobile home can be a target for theft. Tiny home theft has become increasingly common due to how easy they are to move, and it’s heartbreaking to leave for a while and come back not finding your home where you’ve left it. Here are some ways on how you can secure your tiny home in Virginia:

1.  Purchase a Hitch Lock

One of the basic things you can do to make your tiny home secure is installing a hitch lock. A hitch lock is a low-tech device that helps prevent burglars from hooking your tiny home to another vehicle and driving off with it. To make sure that your locks are appropriately installed, you can ask a professional Locksmith in Lynchburg Virginia, to install the right lock that fits your trailer so it’s harder to break.

2.  Install Wheel Locks

Another low-tech and cost-effective solution is installing wheel locks. They must be placed on your tiny home’s lug nuts. Remove the lug nuts with a wrench and install the locking lug nuts of the wheel lock and tighten it with its key. Once they’re locked in place, your home on wheels will become impossible to move, unless the burglar has the right key.

3.  Install a Tracking Device

If the two mentioned locks fail to secure your home, then using a tracking device would help you locate your tiny home in case someone tries to steal it when you’re away. It’s best to use a tracking device specifically designed for motor homes and put it where it’s not easily noticeable. While you may think this technology may cost you $1000, a GPS tracking device can only cost you roughly $100 to $500.

4.  Use a Security Camera

If your tiny home is parked in a place where there are other buildings, it would also be best to install a closed-circuit security system (CCTV) where you can have a full view of your home. These cameras can record and capture any type of criminal activity. Try to connect them to your phone, so you can access them wherever and whenever you feel like it. Some would suggest using a dummy security camera, but it’s more cost-effective to get the real thing, since the cost is almost the same. It’s also advisable to install motion-activated floodlights to deter any potential theft.

5.  Limit Access to the Home

If possible, try to secure your tiny home by parking it in an area where it will be harder for nefarious individuals to gain access to your property. If you have your tiny home in a more permanent place, installing a fence can help keep it safe. It would also help to protect the home with several structures around it, so it would be harder to drive away with your home.

6.  Ask Neighbors to Look After Your Home

One of the easiest and, perhaps, cheapest ways to keep your home safe from theft is to ask your neighbors to look after your home. The tiny home community is slowly growing, and most of them would be more than willing to help you out when it comes to protecting your home.

Make sure that you keep these security tips in mind to help protect the tiny home that you’ve built with love.

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