"There's not many things better than coming home to warmth and safety from the bitter cold outside. We go over some tips to keep your home warm and energy efficient. "

How To Keep Your Home Warm During Winter

We all know how winter months can be long and cold, even more so when we have to spend the day out of the house and run daily errands. There is nothing more relaxing than coming to a warm and cozy home after a day like that and there is nothing more annoying than finding out that the inside is cold as well.

That is why you should find a way to keep your home warm all the time, without the energy waste and pricy heating bills.


Using a furnace as your heating source is one of the quickest ways to warm up your whole house. If you already own one, it is of great importance to keep it clean and in top condition. The experts at https://www.allegiancehvac.com/new-albany-furnace-repair/ have pointed out that often people forget about their furnaces during summer, which can result in their ducts getting clogged up.

There are several types of furnace, so if you are thinking about investing in one you should consider which one suits your needs the best.

Think about Your Curtains

Curtains are often an overlooked factor when talking about thermoregulation. The fact is, owning tick curtains will give your room an additional layer of insulation. Opening them up during the day and letting the sunlight warm up the room will give you a natural heat and make the gloomy winter days a bit more bright.

The important thing is not to forget to close them when the sun sets, as the additional cold will seep in through the glass. The thicker they are the more they will keep the heat inside and coldness outside your home.

Make Sure You Have Good Insulation

Whether you choose to hire professional help or you find that expensive and decide to do it yourself, you should think about building insulation for your whole house. About 25% of the heat goes out through the roof of your home. Also, don’t forget to do it for the doors and windows too.

Floors are one more part of the house from which the cold and moisture could come through. Insulating the whole house will not only pay off in the winters but also in the summers too, as it will also keep the cool temperature of the room.

Install a Thermostat

A thermostat will help you control the temperature of the room, and by that keep control over your heating bill too. If you install or you upgrade to a programmable thermostat you will be able to schedule the temperature according to the time you spend in and out of your home.

There is no reason for the heat to be turned on all day if you spend all of it out of the house, so why waste energy and resources like that. Instead, program your thermostat to turn itself on automatically at some point before you come home. That way a cozy and comfortable atmosphere will await you without you having to worry about it.

Prevent Drafts

Small openings, cracked walls, and broken window sills and doors are the main way that coldness seeps into a room. They often go overlooked or unnoticed, and the draft cools it in a small amount of time. That is why you should stay informed about any nook and cranny of your house.

The faster you deal with it the less damage it will cause and less energy will be lost. You should even consider sealing up the opening on the mailbox because that is one more common way in which the draft sneaks in. 

Tinfoil on Radiators

This is one lesser-known trick but it will help you keep the heat from escaping the room through the walls. Put heat-reflecting tinfoil on the walls behind your radiators and it will keep your room warmer than it ever was.

About 30% of heat radiators produce escapes through the walls, and even worse if the walls aren’t insulated properly. There is a foil that is designed especially for this very purpose and its price is on the cheaper side. It is very easy to install it without any additional help and it will make sure that the radiators are heating your room properly.

If you want to go one step further and prevent the heat from escaping through the ceiling, try installing the shelf over the radiator to block it.

All of these tips are sure to keep you warm during the cold winter days. Also, you will save money on your heating bills and will spend less energy than usual. If not feeling warm enough people will usually just add another heating source and will continue overlooking all the things they could do to just fix what they already have.

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