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How To Deep Clean Your Villa In 7 Days

Unsystematic and disorganized cleaning can tend to cause you to panic, and the outcome won’t be as fruitful. So Fathima Jasmine, a cleaning specialist with Deep Cleaning Dubai Company, list down how you can effectively deep clean your villa in 7 days.

Before you get started

Before jumping into the 7-day deep cleaning routine you have to prepare yourself, this includes the following things:

Making the schedule: The first obvious thing you’ll want to do is to map out your 7 days cleaning schedule. Make a schedule that is comfortable and simple, make sure not to overdo it, even set aside some time off if necessary.

Gathering supplies: Make a list of all the cleaning products that you will need beforehand, making extra trips to the store while cleaning is surely nor ideal, so list down all the products and buy them before getting started.

Setting timers: Spending too long on a single chore will throw you off the rails and ultimately mess up the entire schedule, set the alarm for each task, give yourself some extra minutes while setting these so that you can ensure the completion of each task.

How to deep clean your villa in 7 days:

Here is a specimen of what a 7 days plan can look like, of course, you can alter it according to your villa and priorities:

Day 1: the kitchen

One of the most frequently used areas of your villa is the kitchen, and probably the area which needs to be clean at all costs. Here is how you can deep clean your kitchen:

  • Counter-tops: get rid of everything that’s on the countertop and scrub with an all-purpose cleaning product or soap and water. Make sure to polish it afterward for a perfectly shiny surface.
  • Refrigerator: to clean the fridge, start from the top, and empty it. If there are removable drawers and shelves, then take them out and clean with soap and water. Take a handkerchief and dip it soapy water and clean out the small compartments in the door. Clean the outside in the same manner also take care of the handles.
  • Oven and microwave: if your kitchen has a self-cleaning oven, then skip this step: in other cases, take out the removable tray and clean with soap and water.
  • Shelves, drawers, and cabinets: be sure to go through these things as they are often overlooked

Day 2: bedrooms

Clean your bedrooms one by one or chores by chores, whatever you feel comfortable doing.

  • Windows and glass surfaces: start by dusting off the glass surfaces and cleaning them with glass cleaners.
  • Bedpost, floorboard, and headboards: thoroughly wipe out these parts of your bed
  • Backs of furniture: remember to wipe off any dust from the back of the furniture like the bed, dresser tables, and chairs.

Day 3: bathroom

Cleaning the bathroom is extremely significant for good hygiene.

  • Bathtub and toilet: first disinfect the tub and toilet then use cleaning products, you may even leave in the product for a few minutes before scrubbing the surfaces
  • Faucets and sinks: scrub the sinks and faucets with cleaning products
  • Vanities: tops and cabinets: wipe these things with an all-purpose cleaning product

Day 4: fans and light fixtures

Get a ladder and a handkerchief, start by dusting these things and proceed to clean with soap and water. Ceiling fans are great for cooling down a room, but they also gather dust like crazy. It’s important to keep a ceiling fan clean without getting dust everywhere.

According to, you need to clean your ceiling fans at least once a month because of the dust that can gather at the top of the blades.

Day 5: curtains, drapes, and blinds

Take off the curtains and drapes from the rods and toss them in the washer, simply wet a small piece of cloth with soapy water and wipe the blinds.

Day 6: floors

Clean the floors by using a broom or vacuum cleaner, make sure to get every corner and spot and for extra cleanliness, wet a mop with surface cleaner, and wipe the floors.

Day 7: porch and patio

Cleaning the outside of your villa is just as important as cleaning the inside. Move the furniture to the driveway and disinfect it, then start by sweeping the area with a broom and dust off railings and tables.


By following this 7 days deep cleaning plan or constructing a similar one by yourself, your villa will be spotless and fresh. Take the time to focus on each task per day so you can be detailed in the cleaning process.

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