How to Choose Just the Right Flower Arrangement for the Occasion

Flowers are considered to be one of the most perfect presents regardless of the occasion being celebrated or commemorated. However, apart from the kind of flower that you can give, the arrangement of the blooms also matter. In line with this, below are some tips on how you will be able to choose the right flower arrangement perfect for the occasion.


If you intend to give flowers to celebrate an anniversary, make sure that you choose the perfect flower arranged in a bouquet because each one signifies a special meaning. The floral experts behind suggest that you give daisies if you are celebrating your fifth anniversary or daffodils in celebration of your tenth anniversary. Roses are perfect as the fifteenth-anniversary gift while asters are best in celebration of two decades of being together.


A fan-shaped flower arrangement is considered one of the best floral arrangements to celebrate birthdays. Thus, expect that a flower company will recommend this type of arrangement if you are getting flowers for a birthday celebrant. With this particular floral design, it is remarkable how the flowers and the leaves are arranged in the shape of a fan, regardless of the specific type of blooms used. Fillers are used to fill the gaps between the flowers.


Christmas and the holiday season is another occasion wherein flowers are considered as a suitable gift. In this case, you will be able to find a potted red poinsettia from any flower company because this is considered the flower of the season. With a potted bloom, you no longer have the flowers arranged, but make sure that you are selective with the design of the pot that you go with so that it won’t overpower the natural beauty of your Christmas flower.

Mother’s Day

Giving your mom pink carnations can be the best gift that she receives on mother’s day. Make this more special by asking the flower company to arrange it in the form of an ellipse to make it more elegant. This is because the brightness of the pink carnations is best enhanced in an elliptical flower arrangement. You can even combine these pink carnations with some red roses to further brighten your mom’s bouquet.

Valentine’s Day

Many people receive red roses on Valentine’s day for the reason that red roses signify love, which is the main aspect being celebrated on this day. Just keep in mind to order your flowers early as nearly every flower company will tend to be busy during this time. Make sure to have your red roses arranged in a triangular form because this type of floral arrangement works best with glossy and transparent cellophane papers.

Flowers to Express Gratitude

Flowers arranged in a flower basket proves to be the best type of floral arrangement if you wish to express your appreciation and gratitude to another person. In this case, it is a good idea to use the favorite flowers of your recipient and have the flower company deliver it along with a personal note. In this way, not only will you be able to express how thankful you are through the flowers, but you will get to expand your gratitude through a personal note too.

Well-wishes for the Sick

People who are suffering from different types of ailments are somehow alleviated from their pain when they receive bright and fresh blooms. This is the reason why several people tap on their favorite flower company when someone they know is in the hospital. In this case, make sure to give some flowers arranged in a basket. However, be careful with the flowers that you give and go for ones that are not too fragrant like tulips because they may have an untoward reaction to fragrant flowers because of their medication. You can also give marigolds because these flowers represent resilience, a trait that they need to exude for them to get back on their feet in no time.

Sympathy Flowers

If you want to express your sympathy to a friend who is currently grieving the loss of his or her loved one, then you can do so by giving them flowers. In this case, make sure to coordinate with the flower company so that the flowers that you give are arranged accordingly such as in a crescent shape in a flower basket. In this way, they no longer have to think about transferring the flowers into another container, alleviating them from another thing that they need to think about.

Everyday Flowers

In case you simply want to give flowers for no significant reason at all, you can consider a horizontal or a vertical flower arrangement. These two types of floral arrangements are usually done by a reputable flower company with proper training. This is because these types of floral arrangements involve the use of different types of flowers in varying colors and shapes.

Vertical flower arrangements are perfect for bouquets, as well as flower baskets. On the other hand, horizontal flower arrangements are usually done by a flower company with the blooms meticulously arranged in a zigzag form. This type of arrangement often involves the use of fragrant flowers.

There is also the option for you to go for an S-shaped floral arrangement if you want to give a huge bouquet or a big flower basket. However, to look upright, they often need to be arranged in a flower stand. Numerous leaves and fillers are also used in an S-shaped floral arrangement to make them look enormous, fitting for the interior of any space.

To wrap things up, you can give flowers in celebration of any occasion but just make sure that apart from carefully choosing the kind of flowers that you will give, you consider the floral arrangement too. Rest assured that a reliable flower company will be able to suggest some of the best types of flowers and how you should arrange them to fit the occasion why you will be giving them. In doing so, you will surely bring a smile to the recipient of your fresh and fragrant gift.

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