Honoring National Building Safety Month

Chaw Choon Kee built this home in the Sematan settlement of Sarawak, Malaysia, where she lives with her two teenage children, after they were abandoned by their husband/father.

Chaw’ works on an oil palm plantation, earning less than RM20 per day. On rainy days, as they endure the leaking, the family also worries that strong winds might blow away their hut.

Many people don’t have a choice regarding design and materials. But if you do, please choose carefully. I wish for you a beautiful and sturdy tiny home. Take care in your creative and frugal efforts to pay tribute to safety. Take a course, hire an expert, do whatever is needed to ensure that your home is a haven, not a hazard.

For an excellent review of safety and code compliance issues, please read Dee Williams’ article: Code Concerns: How Safe is Safe Enough.

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Elaine Walker

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