"Poor TV reception can be frustrating, especially when it interrupts your favorite TV show or that long-awaited football match. It is mainly caused by problems related to the antenna system, interference from outside sources, and extreme weather conditions. "

Having a Poor TV Reception? Here’s What You Can Do

Poor TV reception can be frustrating, especially when it interrupts your favorite TV show or that long-awaited football match. It is mainly caused by problems related to the antenna system, interference from outside sources, and extreme weather conditions.

Incorrect tuning of the TV set as well as interruptions or failures in the distribution network can also affect your TV reception. Fortunately, there are certain measures that you can take to improve the quality of the picture on your TV. Read on to learn different steps that you can take to improve your TV reception. 

Install the Aerial Outside

The best thing that you can do to improve your TV reception is to install your TV aerial outside. There is a good reason why you see most homeowners installing their television antennas on chimneys. A chimney is the highest point on your house, so it helps your aerial to stay clear of physical obstructions like trees and buildings. You can receive a good TV signal when your antenna is outside given that the waves do not necessarily need to pass through the roof.

It is vital to make sure that you align your aerial in the direction that can give you peak reception. Without an alignment tool, it can be difficult to align your antenna professionally, but you can achieve it by trying different directions until you get the right spot. When using a directional TV aerial, you must ensure that it is accurately set so that it can receive a better signal. You can call a professional to set your TV aerial if you are struggling to get the right position. 

Use TV Signal Amplifier

In some cases, a bad TV signal does not always mean that something is wrong with your aerial. You might just need a television signal amplifier that can help strengthen weak signals and improve your TV reception. However, choosing the right amplifier can be a daunting task given that there are several devices that you can get on the market. Expert technicians at https://longrangesignal.com/ explain that power is the primary defining factor that differentiates TV signal amplifiers from each other. To get the best one that will suit your needs, it is vital to consult expert technicians to learn about the different instruments that you can use to improve the reception of your television. 

Avoid Obstructions When Installing Your Aerial

Physical barriers like high rising buildings can obstruct your TV signal. Mountains and tall trees can also contribute to poor television reception. Therefore, when you choose the site for your aerial, you must ensure that it is clear of obstructions that can cause interruption of the waves. You can achieve this by installing your aerial in a higher position to improve the TV signal strength. The advantage of a higher mast is that it can help overcome some obstructions nearby. When you fix your mast on a higher level, make sure that it consists of strong brackets so that it is not affected by the wind. 

However, it is not surprising that you can get better reception by installing your TV aerial on a lower level. You must move around your property testing for a good signal where you can mount the antenna. You can also get good reception by installing an indoor aerial. These antennas are powerful compared to other types of outdoor aerials.  

Install High-Quality Coaxial Cable

The other thing you can consider to improve the TV signal is to install a good quality coaxial cable. Signal received from the aerial is usually lost along the coax cable before it reaches the television. Therefore, a proper coaxial cable should be double screened and consist of a solid center conductor. A single-screen cable with a stranded center conductor loses a lot of signals that make your TV reception weak. The appropriate coaxial TV aerial cable should have copper center conductors, copper braid, and copper screen so that you can get the best reception.

Before you attempt to solve the problem, you must try to identify the root cause that is affecting your TV reception so that you can implement a lasting solution accordingly. You might want to ask your neighbors if they are also experiencing similar problems before you make a decision because the issue could be related to your geographical location. You can try options like installing your aerial outside in a higher position or getting a TV signal amplifier to boost the quality of your reception. When moving your aerial, make sure to move it only a few inches, then wait a few minutes to see if your TV reception is better before moving it again.

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