Freedom’s just another word for “nothing left to lose”?

We tiny house enthusiasts often talk about the freedom that comes with a tiny house: freedom from a mortgage, freedom from high expenses, freedom from building codes, etc. In honor of this Columbus Day weekend, I’d like to invite you to think about the responsibilities that come with freedom.

Many people came to America for religious freedom. Subsequently, settlers wanted freedom from British rule. Securing freedom from the tyranny of religious oppression and from foreign oversight came at a cost of much hardship and many lives. Maintaining our freedom in America continues to require a sacrifice from young men and women in the military. It also requires the dedication of protesters willing to speak up when the rights which are guaranteed by our Constitution are trampled on by law enforcement, big corporations, and other powers-that-be.

“Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose,” sang Janis Joplin in Me and Bobby McGee. But is it? When we have the freedom to live as we choose, it’s not nothing.

Right now, antiquated zoning regulations, building codes, and DMV rules are restricting our ability to live in tiny houses. We need reforms to allow the tiny house movement to flourish. The American Tiny House Association is a WordPress-based website designed to capture the existing regulations and serve as a sounding board for ideas on how to promote change.

I invite you to register and contribute — fight for your right  to live in a tiny house.

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Elaine Walker

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