"Maintaining a warm house during the harsh cold months of winter is essential for survival. Heating your home is paramount and one thing that can really help you keep your house warm is insulating it."

Effective Tips on How To Insulate Your Home From Cold Weather

Winter is here and we now have to start thinking about whether our homes are properly insulated. Maintaining a warm house during the harsh cold months of winter is essential for survival.

Heating your home is paramount during winter and one thing that can really help you keep your house warm is insulating it. However, most people will focus on heat generation in their homes.

Insulating the house can be done by professionals or you can do it yourself. The following are the best tips on how to insulate your home from cold weather:

Maintain Your HVAC System

The first thing all homeowners should do as the winter approaches is to check the state of their HVAC system. It is the single largest element of your house responsible for heating your home.

Therefore, if you want to insulate your home, you should have a complete checkup of the HVAC system before winter. Fix anything that needs to be repaired, especially the air filter and heating unit.

If you depend on an HVAC system to insulate your home from the cold weather and it fails, it could have disastrous consequences. Regardless, maintaining your HVAC system should be part of your responsibility as a homeowner.

Shut the Doors in Rooms You Are Not Using

Another effective tip you can use to ensure that your house is insulated from the cold winter weather is to maintain the heat already in the rooms. The way to do so is to shut the doors in the rooms in the house that you are not currently using.

When your HVAC system heats the house, it does so using vents in each room. Some areas such as the hallway and laundry room may not have heating. Therefore, when you leave the doors of heated rooms open, the heat will escape.

The best solution in this regard is to have doors that shut themselves automatically. However, if that is not an option maintaining the discipline of shutting doors at all times is the key.

Spray Foam

There are many materials you can use to insulate your home during winter. One of the most effective ones among them is spray foam.

As explained on asifoam.com, spray foam is a plastic that forms a continuous layer of insulation when sprayed onto a surface. You can use it to seal spaces and holes on any surface.

A great benefit of spray foam is that you can use it during all seasons but it is particularly effective during winter. It will certainly ensure all the heat in your home remains inside it.

Seal the Doorways

If you want to insulate your home from the harsh cold weather of winter, then you should seal the doorways in your home. The reason is that many doorways have spaces under them that not only let cold air in but also let warm air out.

Spray foam is not a great choice if you want to seal your doorways since you have to open and close them. However, a simple solution such as sealing your doorway with a rug can be very effective in insulating your home.

There are also door stoppers that are very effective at sealing your doorways. On the other hand, they are the more expensive alternative as you need a professional to build them.

Use Heavy Curtains

Most home windows have shutters so as to allow the maximum amount of light to enter a room. However, during the cold months, a shutter may not be enough to keep you warm.

What you need are heavy curtains to shield your windows. Such curtains are largely opaque and play a great role in blocking the draught that comes through the tiny spaces in your window.

You can choose from a wide variety of heavy curtains. You should ensure that they reach all the way to the floor and are easy to maintain.

Insulate the Attic

The attic is often a forgotten room in the house which you only access if you have to do so. During winter, you realize that the attic is just another room in the house. Due to its proximity to the roof, it has a substantial influence on the temperature in your home.

You should insulate the attic by sealing or covering it with insulation material. If you can go for several layers of insulation, even better. It will keep the warm air in your home and out of the attic.

There are many ways to insulate your home during winter. The above is only a small fraction of the most effective ways.

If you follow the tips above, you should have a pretty warm house during winter.

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