"Tiny houses are becoming a popular trend in the 21st century and keeping it simple is what it’s all about. We have a few suggestions for you! Find some great ideas here."

Decorating a Tiny House – A Few Suggestions To Turn It Into A Simple Sanctuary

What is a Tiny House?

Don’t be fooled by the name, tiny houses do work for a lot of people when looking for a cost-effective homely space to put your their up and call home. This trend, or rather movement, encourages the downsizing of living spaces and a simpler life. It is also one of the most eco-friendly solutions for accommodation in the world. According to research, a tiny home would cost you only a fifth of the price of a traditional home.

Some people build them themselves, while others buy ready-made ones. One couple in the USA built their own from scratch with a budget as small as only $8000. If you think you can fit the entirety of a conventional home into a tiny one, you may be mistaken. What’s more, it saves you a lot of expenses on cleaning and decorating the space can be done quickly and easily. Below we look at some ideas you could implement if you are already living in one, or thinking about it.

Let’s jump right in, shall we?

Tableware Is a Must

Of course, we all need tableware either during your breakfast, lunch or dinner times and the best items to have are a set of a decent set of dishes such as dinner plates, sides plates, glassware and bowls, some rattan table mats to complement them and a set of nice cutlery to match. Depending on the type of table you have, a table cloth would work well, and this could be your statement piece.

Combining bright creative textures, such as a plain table cloth coupled with floral, illustrated or geometric pattern rattan table mats, will keep heads turning. Colour combinations to think of can include pinks and greys, or red and greens for example.

Less is Always More

When decorating any house, be it a tiny one or a large one, always remember less is more. Having fewer items in and around the home does not mean you lose out on aesthetics, rather, with the right things, it can look modern and simple at the same time.

One suggestion made by expert home décor companies is to add one large statement piece in the middle of the area, for instance, a chandelier or a cedar wood coffee table, thus creating a more aerated space that also houses nice things.

A Book Shelf

Another nice addition to this space can be a bookcase. This follows the idea that you should get only what you feel is necessary to include in the small space. Stores such as IKEA or HomeBase have a selection of quaint wooden or metal bookshelves that you can add to the setting and it is a useful piece of furniture to display any books and colourful items like bookends.

Paint It Light

A light colour palette inside a tiny home can make it look bigger and provide a clean minimalist look. Using different shades of whites or beige can do the trick. What’s more, it will be easy to spot marks or dirt and clean it off.

Other similar ideas include keeping your windows open without blocking them with blinds or curtains, instead, opt for a white film or a clear one with patterns to let natural light come through and brighten up the place.

We hope the above few suggestions will inspire you to kit out your tiny home perfectly!

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