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How to Design Common Areas for a Tiny Home Community

Tiny homes are dominating the housing industry, as more and more people look to make the shift to living more simply and minimally. This may come as a surprise to traditional urban dwellers, especially those more senior members of the population, who have always been used to living in vast spaces and structures.

One limitation that they see in this alternative kind of living is the fact that they cannot be free to express themselves that much in terms of the aesthetics of their house. This concern is understandable – how do you find an avenue for self-expression in such a miniature abode?

The fact is, if there’s a will, there’s a way. It will take some adjustment, but you can definitely make your tiny home beautiful and inviting the way you can a regular home.

Apart from that, you can also be part of a Tiny Home Community and give expression to your aesthetic needs in the common areas you share. There are a lot of ways you can do this. Here are the basics that have to be put in place:

Designing Your Tiny Community’s Shared Spaces

There is the option to collaborate with the people you will be living with, and check out where they plan to reside, what the community theme can be, and how you can align your own interiors and exteriors to the community’s vision.

1. Identifying the land area

Make sure you have clearly defined requirements for the land area you wish to build your community on and will be able to secure permits from the government bodies who can give you license to build in the areas you settle on.

Also ensure that the basic amenities needed such as electricity, water supply, waste disposal, road access and other important infrastructures are available for you and the members of the community.

2. Basic amenities

There are basic amenities to be built in tiny home communities, such as a community garden, and even a fire pit (if your local bylaws allow them). Meet with your designers and landscape artists in order to make these spaces aesthetically pleasing for all those who will be using them.

3. Community Center

It would be good to put up a community center where you and your neighbors can converge and foster a continued sense of camaraderie and connection in the area. This could also include some common working areas for the residents.

Apart from these, a stage could be set up for nightly or weekly entertainment, where residents can continue to converge, have parties, or do other recreational activities.

4. Swimming pool or hot tub

If you plan to go all out in your common area planning, making the shared outdoor space as beautiful and appealing as possible, there are programs that can help you plan accordingly. For example, if you wish to add a swimming pool to the land that you plan to park on, there is such a thing as swimming pool design software that can help you visualize the structure as if it were the real thing before you start the process of building. This will help you make a much more informed decision as you invest in the construction of such a structure.

Living Out of the Box

Being part of a bigger group with the same visions is a great way to streamline your transition into tiny home living. Even though your tiny home may be small, the tiny home community can compensate for this, and be the one to accommodate the overall design elements that you wish to come into play.

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