Tiny House Communities

Tiny house communities (or villages) are everywhere. Most of them are tucked away in a serene and peaceful haven not to be bothered by most folk. Do you know how many tiny house communities exist in your state? On top of the communities, many people offer a peaceful residence in a back yard through private parking locations. Homeowners will rent out their unused land or spacious back yard for tiny houses on wheels to park and live short or long term.

Our sister site, My Tiny House Parking, is home to the map that was once hosted here on Tiny House Community. My Tiny House Parking delivers the same quality experience that Tiny House Community does.

If you are looking for a community to join, whether you’re looking to build your tiny house on a foundation or permanently parking your tiny house on wheels, visit My Tiny House Parking to find locations near you. If you cannot find a community in or around your preferred location, submit a classified ad.

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