09/06 Co-build tiny houses in Los Angeles

logo for LATCH CollectiveLatch Collective provides workshop space for designing and building tiny, transportable homes, and acts as a center for sharing and receiving skills, knowledge, experience, tools and support. We also advocate for increased housing options in Los Angeles, specifically for spaces that are affordable, sustainable, well-designed and safely built.

Why co-build tiny homes?

Building and living in a tiny home allows for a life of less debt, fewer possessions, greater independence, and more freedom to follow our passions! Creating a community of builders enables parallel building which provides unique benefits; a support system offering aid and encouragement from peers, knowledge sharing, problem solving, and face-to-face learning from the firsthand experience of others. A co-build reduces individual costs through sharing of high cost resources such as tools, land to build on, and professional consultation. Co-building offers support for those labor tasks that are all-too challenging for one person alone. Emotional support and encouragement from the other builders will also come in handy when you need inspiration to keep up with your goals. Finally, a co-building community has a stronger voice in tiny home advocacy. The group status will aid in persuading local leaders to institute legal living areas for tiny homes.

The Tiny Movement is so much more than shrinking square footage; it’s about inclusive communities, being aware of and attempting to limit our impact on the earth’s resources, and being intentional about our lives.

There is nothing else quite like Los Angeles Tiny Co-building Haven… Be among the first in this city to take control of your living situation by cooperatively building a tiny home!

Open house Sept. 12th: http://www.meetup.com/Los-Angeles-Tiny-Houses-Community/events/233796265/


Elaine Walker