Before You Build (Webinar & eBook) January 13 @ 2 PM EST

Ethan Waldman has some of the most helpful resources in the tiny house world. He has written several books including Tiny House Decisions and Tiny House Parking. Next Saturday, January 13th, he will be hosting a Before You Build webinar for tiny house enthusiasts. Although geared towards enthusiasts just getting started, you can join in on the webinar even if you’ve begun to build. You never know what sort of knowledge you’ll gain!

What’s even better about this (as if it wasn’t great already!) is you can also purchase an eBook titled the same: Before You Build. It’s only $7! Sign up today to get started!

I plan to attend this webinar, how about you?

About the webinar

Date: January 13, 2018

Time: 2:00 PM (Eastern)

What you’ll learn:

  • Clarify the most important pieces of your tiny house
  • How to estimate how long you tiny house will take to build (and how much it will cost)
  • Learn about the most crucial part to plan out now that will save you the most frustration later

Ready to get started

but not sure where to start?

  • The Before You Build eBook will help you start planning your dream tiny house today. You’ll learn:
  • Want to get started planning your tiny house right away, but not sure where to start?
  • TheBefore You Build eBook will help you start planning your dream tiny house today. You’ll learn:
  • The 30 questions you must ask before you start planning or building your tiny house
  • How to stop ogling tiny house pictures on Facebook and start actually planning your tiny house today
  • How to avoid the costly mistakes that I made and save yourself a lot of time and money
  • The three systems every tiny house needs and how to design them (including water systems that don’t get talked about)
  • How to stay organized as you research designs, materials, and techniques
  • How to find out what materials will actually work in a tiny house and what to avoid.
  • Where to go for even more resources to get your tiny house underway

Stephanie McQueen

Stephanie is the content curator and resource hoarder of all things tiny houses. She enjoys collecting information about tiny houses and writing easy-to-understand articles that help you make informed decisions whether you're building, buying, renting, selling, or parking your tiny house. Only thing she loves to do more than hoard information? Share it! Connect with Stephanie through LinkedIn, her portfolio, or her done-for-you marketing agency, Employed By Life Online.

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