"Opting to downsize to a tiny home from a typical 3 or 4-bedroom home has proven to be more than just a passing trend. Here are several big interior design ideas that will make your tiny house a perfect place to live and grow."

Big Interior Design Ideas for Tiny Houses

Opting to downsize to a tiny home from a typical 3 or 4-bedroom home has proven to be more than just a passing trend. To many people today, it’s a way to obtain both physical and financial freedom and live debt-free.

However, tiny home living isn’t about giving up comfort and luxury; it’s more about making it work in a smaller space that caters to all your needs in a more practical and imaginative way. Here are several big interior design ideas that will make your tiny house a perfect place to live and grow.

A spacious kitchen in a tiny home

Among the biggest concerns people have when moving into a tiny home is cooking in a confined space. But, there’s simply no need to give up on the dream of a gourmet kitchen. With clever planning and functional layout, you can still incorporate full-sized appliances and between 8 and 10 feet of counter space. Storage can be maximized by hanging your pots and pans, installing a built-in spice rack, and using open shelves.

Minimalist design

A minimalist interior design works perfectly well in homes of all sizes but particularly well in tiny houses. People commonly worry that a tiny home would appear confined and cluttered, but with minimalism, it looks sleek, clean, and much larger than it actually is.

Such example can be seen in tiny homes with Scandinavian-inspired design that is simple but sophisticated, elegant and soothing. A tiny home like this needs very little decoration and is very low-maintenance. The design is classic and unfussy yet quite luxurious. It can easily incorporate a spa-like bathroom, black and white kitchen, pastel living area, and even a subtly lit staircase to wrap up the minimalist look.

Tiny home interior design for modern millennials

Of all the tiny house styles, among the most sought-after is the modern tiny home. Their contemporary, streamlined look and simple but innovative design are ideal for an efficient, minimalist lifestyle. However, as simple as these tiny homes are, they don’t compromise on comfort and beauty.

Going by the teachings of a current bachelor’s degree in interior design, the concept of modern home design relies on the unity of different styles and spaces, combining their functionality with decoration, various materials, and modern technologies.  Thus, modern details can be successfully incorporated both on the outside and inside the tiny home – a modern backsplash in the kitchen, trendy light fixtures in the living area, or luxurious tiles in the bathroom. You can take it up a notch by including the latest tech features such as touch-activated storage, digital lock-less key, USB receptacle, and an in-house speaker system.

Creativity enabled in a tiny space

One of the best features of tiny homes on wheels is the freedom to express yourself fully. This means you can travel whenever and wherever you want and do whatever you love, be it composing songs, writing poetry, or creating art.

Using key interior design techniques, your tiny house can be your perfect artistic retreat where you can designate a space for creative outlets. It can be a separate loft where you keep your writing kit or your instruments, a foldable desk in front of a window with an inspiring view, or a multifunctional bedroom with a Murphy bed that allows you to convert it into a tiny office with one simple move.

Staying in touch with nature

Another great benefit of living in a tiny home is that it helps you spend more time outdoors, inspiring you to explore and go on adventures. Big windows and plenty of skylights connect you from the indoors if you live in a colder climate. In warmer regions, you can have a floor-to-ceiling door that, when fully open, blends your living room with the outdoors.

In terms of interior design, you can incorporate nature by using organic and natural materials such as plants and greenery, with lots of details in reclaimed wood, cotton, wool, or hemp.

Big families in tiny homes

The tiny home movement hasn’t only attracted singles and young couples but also larger families as it can enable everyone’s privacy despite the lack of space. With the right interior design and layout, even parents get their privacy in a separate master bedroom in the gooseneck area of the tiny house. Plus the kids can get settled in the lofts. And the meeting place for everyone to enjoy and spend quality time together is in the kitchen and living area “downstairs.”

Any possible lack of headroom is easily compensated with skylights and customized lighting and furniture. Additional privacy can be achieved by installing screen dividers and curtains.  These several ideas are only a few in the immense sea of design that can help you create your own tiny home. It’s important you keep functionality in mind and then add whatever makes you comfortable and relates to your personality and style.

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