"One of the reasons people still mainly work with the agencies when selling their property is because it has always been done that way, it’s familiar, known, and ‘easy’. In reality, it’s everything but easy, and more importantly, it isn’t the only reliable way to do it."

Benefits of Selling Your House to an Investor

One of the reasons people still mainly work with the agencies when selling their property is because it has always been done that way, it’s familiar, known, and ‘easy’.

In reality, it’s everything but easy, and more importantly, it isn’t the only reliable way to do it. Working with investors is becoming more and more popular and quite worth considering. It can spare you complicated paperwork, unnecessary stress, and shorten the whole process.

We have listed and explained briefly a couple of benefits of selling a house this way below, so you can wrap your mind around the idea, and have some of the questions you might have answered. 

As-is purchase

If you were thinking about selling a home through a realtor like Monte Buys Houses to a traditional buyer, you might find yourself calculating the amount of money it would cost you to fix everything a buyer could find inconvenient. To make things even worse, you will probably have a very hard time even getting an agent who would want to work with you if your house needs some major fixing. 

Since the investor has no plans on living in your home, he (or the company he represents), doesn’t care if your living room is provided with designer furniture, has brand new windows, or has the bathroom been recently renovated. Simply, they are never bothered by the extent of the damage to the property. Investors often buy old and outdated houses so they can renovate them and then sell them for much bigger money. 

They work fast

In case you’re selling to a buyer, there is a big chance he or she needs loan approval from a financial institution to purchase your home and it will take you 60 days’ minimum. Even worse they might even get rejected for a loan in the middle of the process, which just ends up wasting your time. On the other hand, selling to an investor provides a much quicker closing. The majority of investors pay the whole amount of money with cash so that means you can expect to be able to close with an all-cash investor in round two weeks as soon as your parties agree on the conditions of sale.

No complicated paperwork

The amount of paperwork when selling a property via an agency can be two or three times more complicated compared to the one you are dealing with while working with an investor. The reason why is the fact that when you work with an agent, you are not only dealing with him, but with your buyer and his agents too. When selling to an investor there are no other parties to be satisfied so your house is being transferred directly from your hands to someone else’s. This way the amount of paperwork is hugely reduced.

No commission fees 

If you ever considered trying to sell your home to an individual buyer on your own, you understand how challenging and difficult the whole process can get. That’s why people hire agencies to do the job instead of them. When listing your house up for sale, you either have to pay a fee or the realtor will take a commission on the sale of your home, which is somewhere around 6% of the price you noted for your property. That means that either you have to list a higher price for a house you are selling, or you will get less money than you initially planned on getting from the sale. Another option is to sell your house to an investor. Now you might be wondering about things like, how much will an investor pay for my house and what will their commission be. The good news is that with an investor, you are spared the hidden fees and commissions.

Help with the foreclosure 

If you had trouble with paying out your mortgage then you can be at a potential risk of foreclosure, which can be at least a very stressful situation for anyone. Depending on the situation and circumstances you might even get a very short due date to sell your house to avoid foreclosure. Usually, in the States, it’s an average of 90 days. Since time plays a big role in this situation, many realtors are not even willing to step in on the case, and in case you find one, there’s still no guarantee he will be able to sell the house on time.

On the other hand, investors often buy houses in foreclosure according to Vol Homes, since the whole process is nothing new to them, they know exactly what to do and they can work with you on that so you can close the deal before the foreclosure due date. 

People don’t often realize that they have the option of selling their house to an investor. Hopefully, the benefits listed above will bring this idea closer to you.

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