A Quick Guide on the Steps You Can Take to Protect Your Caravan

The Holiday season leaves many people parking their caravans in garages or yards for another use during winter. Leaving caravans idle for long makes them susceptible to damages or theft. So how do you protect them?

As we are heading to the festive season, you need ways to protect your caravan from theft, damages, and being invaded by pests and rodents. Protecting your caravan makes you pay lesser premiums in insurance and voids repair costs and buying a new one. Here are some ways you can guard your caravan.  

Building a Shade

After using the caravan, many people leave it in the yard uncovered or just in the fields. It is crucial to secure your caravan after use to ensure it will be in good condition next time you’ll want to use it. A shade will be perfect storage for your caravan. It will protect the caravan from damages caused by weather, insects and also protect it from theft. You can get custom caravan storage explicitly made for your travel trailer. These shades can be made from steel, making them strong and durable to be used for a long time. The shades don’t cost much and will help to protect your caravan from rain, intense sunshine, pests, damage, and also from being accessed by thieves.

Locking the Windows and Doors

One way of protecting your caravan is by locking the windows and doors to secure people and animals from accessing the inside of your caravan. Most people forget or fail to close the windows and doors properly after using the caravan, making the caravans prone to insects, rodents, and even theft. It is recommended to have proper door and window locks and ensure you fasten them every time you leave your trailer to protect it. The doors and windows are the most vulnerable points to this equipment. Leaving them open, it’s like exposing your equipment to thieves and other damages. Other than the locks that come standard, you can add additional locks to add an extra layer of security, improving the overall safety. Damaged locks can also compromise your insurance cover.

Locking the Wheels

Like in cars, you can lock your caravan wheels to avoid thieves from towing it away when you aren’t aware. You can buy or make different customized locks, helping fasten the reels once you pack your caravan. Having locks in the wheels is one of the most convenient ways of protecting your caravan. Of late, they have been recommended by insurance companies since they have significantly reduced the travel trailers’ theft. Ensure the locks you buy are customized and of good quality to prevent them from being tampered with by thieves. Where do you get such locks? They can be purchased from car dealers, caravan makers, or shop them online. Ensure they fit correctly in the wheels of your caravan to avoid slip off.

Get an Alarm

Most modern caravans come fully fixed with alarms, just like motor vehicles. If your caravan doesn’t have one, it’s crucial to fix one, alerting you of any danger happening to your caravan, including theft. Besides alerting you, the alarms will help put off thieves since the loud sound they make will make any potential thief escape. There are different types of alarms you can choose from, depending on your preference and budget. To ensure it works perfectly and scare away the thieves, you can add a sticker showing the caravan has an alarm and it’s being monitored. If you don’t have a budget for the alarm, get some stickers. Alarm stickers will help in driving the message home to potential thieves.

Have a Tracking Device

You can install a tracking device to your caravan to know its location anytime you aren’t around it. The tracking device is mostly applied to motor vehicles. Still, you can install it to your caravan and monitor it at any time of the day. Besides showing the location and notifying you of any movement, it helps you track your caravan when stolen. Due to advanced technology, most trackers nowadays can be connected to smartphones via apps, which you can use to follow up with your caravan once stolen. Having a tracker on your caravan makes you pay fewer premiums since most insurance companies offer discounts on the same.

Besides the above, you can have a hitch lock to your caravan to avoid someone else from towing it, unless you enable them to. This lock prevents thieves from hitching your caravan to other vehicles. When you use these means to protect your caravan, you will save costs in repairing the caravan or buying a new one. We hope the tips will help a lot when trying to secure your valuable caravan.

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