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5 Enchanted Disney Tiny Houses

Imagine if Woody, Elsa, Belle, or even Jack Skellington embraced the minimalist lifestyle and joined the tiny house movement.

What might their architectural style be? And what about their interior design choices?

These are the questions the team at Angie’s List asked themselves before they scoured the Disney universe for some answers. They re-watched their favorite Disney movies to get the most nuanced, accurate hints of what the Disney characters’ home-style choices would be.

Then they worked with a team of designers at NeoMam studios to envisage the tiny houses that the following 6 Disney characters could comfortably call home.

Partly inspired by Lester Walker’s 1987 book “Tiny Houses,” this blossoming culture of homes no bigger than 300 square feet is aimed at saving money and reducing waste. Not exactly priorities in the worlds our Disney heroes inhabit, but hey, it’s 2020 and even real-life royalty are downsizing their palaces in search of simpler lives.

They found that by mixing the tiny house movement and Disney nostalgia – inspiration flows for the inner child who wants sustainable, low-cost living (but still be a Disney hero!).

So, if these fan-favorite Disney icons ever decide to retire their lavish castles, the designs for their humble tiny houses are ready and waiting…

1. Woody from Toy Story

The rustic design and interior doesn’t disappoint. It flows well and has classic items such as a wood-burning stove and an antler chandelier. Everything is rough around the edges yet still feels comfortable to live in, especially for this cowboy from Toy Story.

2. Elsa from Frozen

Elsa’s tiny house is my personal favorite (naturally since I have a little girl!). The way the beams mimic snowflakes are just gorgeous. The blue tones and a couch that looks like it’ll keep the cold off of you any day. The exterior is a very classic “cabin” feel in the woods surrounded by snow.

3. Merida from Brave

Merida’s home has an earthy feel that connects to her spiritual roots. Simple and comfortable, it even has a cute fireplace at the end to snuggle by the fire with family and friends.

4. Mulan from, well, Mulan

Mulan’s Eastern getaway is full of zen and inner-peace. Cherry blossoms and clean lines complete the look in Mulan’s tiny house.

5. Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas

No Disney character list would be complete without Jack Skellington, of course! A spooky interior with a pumpkin and Christmas tree are the perfect setting for the pumpkin king.

BONUS: Belle from Beauty and the Beast

An old favorite of mine is Beauty and the Beast. I always identified with Belle the most out of all the princesses because I was such a bookworm and always sought out adventure. Her tiny house is filled with stacks of books, a gorgeous spiral chandelier, and even a nice glass-door closet!

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Original Source: Angie’s List

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