"Tiny houses meet the needs of many types of people in all sorts of situations. Today we're discussing shared storage space and 5 reasons you'd want to have it for yourself as well."

5 Reasons Tiny Homeowners Should Share Storage Space

While many people purchase a tiny home to reduce their global footprint, living simply isn’t always easy.  Sometimes tiny home owners may need a storage unit to maintain additional belongings in a secure manner.  

After all, a tiny home owner can’t really be independent if they are reliant on others to maintain their overflow belongings. They are also not being economical if they can’t plan ahead by making purchases strategically or in bulk.

Tiny home owners can band together and rent a unit that serves several couples. As long as they trust each other to pay a fair share, it can be a great way to have the storage needed while keeping costs down.  Renting may not seem ideal, but it is a good deal more secure than most outdoor storage ideas.

1. Seasonal Switch-Over

Every season there are items that become necessities while other items become temporarily unnecessary.  Since your living space is small, it is helpful to do a seasonal switchover. A storage unit gives you the flexibility to maintain your belongings that are critical in a different season. 

Perhaps you live where it snows all winter. Then you can put away the bikes and other outdoor equipment.  In the spring, you’ll put away the snow shovel, snow skis, sled, and big winter coats. You’ll take out the bikes, the gardening tools, and your lightweight clothes. As summer approaches, you’ll return to the unit, putting away your light sweaters and picking up your bathing suit and other summer gear.

2. Buying in Bulk

It can be more economical to buy in bulk than to purchase small quantities.  This includes such necessities as toilet paper, shampoo, and other non-perishable items.  If you have a nearby storage unit, you can take advantage of deals and yet keep your tiny home uncluttered.

Furthermore, it can also be more economical to buy off-season than to buy it at full price the day before you need it.  Having a storage unit allows you to purchase items and save them for future use.

In another example, you may have certain items you need for home maintenance. Yet you don’t have anywhere to store half-used paint stains or extra air conditioning filters. These items are necessities, but you don’t need them right that moment. You can keep them in the storage unit and go get them when it’s time to waterproof the exterior or replace the AC filter.

3. Maintaining a Business

Perhaps your tiny home is also your office. Or, you are a contractor with tools, equipment and supplies that won’t fit in your van and can’t possibly fit in your tiny home.  A storage unit is the logical solution. For those in sales, it’s definitely a better way to maintain your inventory than using the trunk of your car or cargo hold of your SUV.  For contractors, you won’t be worried about buying what you need ahead of time.  Plus your expensive tools and materials will be accessible yet completely safe.

By the way, a storage unit rental may be a business deduction. That’s something to discuss with a tax accountant for sure. 

4. Getting Ready for the Next Step in Life

Perhaps your tiny home isn’t your forever home. Then it is important to have a place where you can slowly accumulate what you will need in your next residence. This includes furniture that you may be offered by relatives. Of course, it includes anything you might inherit when a loved one passes away.  Having a unit gives you the flexibility to start buying for a bigger home early. You can watch for inexpensive, but well-made used furniture and purchase it a few years before you will actually need it. 

5. Storing Your Vehicles

Perhaps you don’t need your car, motorcycle, boat or ATV every day. Yet you do want to have it close by.  A storage unit is a logical and safe way to keep your vehicle.  With the right unit, you can have a place for extra items as well as your car. Not only does this protect your property from theft, but it ensures a longer road life by sheltering the vehicle. 

In closing, it is important to identify the best size unit before renting.  The perfect choice will be one that is almost full, but not overflowing.  If you decide it is too big, you should be able to go down a size, or you could find another couple to share it with.  

No matter what, you don’t want to pay for more storage space than you need. You don’t want to encourage yourself to save things unnecessarily. You just want the flexibility to store your seasonal items, bulk buys, and other necessities.

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