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4 Interior Design and Organization Hacks for Tiny Houses

The Tiny House Movement has been gaining popularity at a rapid pace over the years. iProperty Management reported that there are more than 10,000 tiny homes in the United States. In 2017 alone, there was a whopping 67% year-over-year increase in the number of tiny houses.

Choosing the right interior design that will not overwhelm the house can be quite daunting. A popular, modern way of making the tiny space appear much bigger is by using glass, according to a repair service for residential glass Victoria.

Apart from design, having to fit everything inside the standard 100 to 400 square-foot space of a typical tiny home is also challenging. There will be a lot of planning, cooperation, and compromise that goes into creating a comfortable tiny home that can work well for the occupants. Here are four simple interior design and organization hacks for a cozy and minimalist life in a small house.

Opt for a double-duty furniture

The first thing that most owners of tiny homes would probably think about is shrinking their furniture and opting for more compact transforming or folding furniture, such as a folding couch or table. While this strategy could work, there is another way to maximize the limited space when it comes to furniture, and that is to buy furniture that can serve at least two purposes.

For instance, they could opt for a futon that can also be used as a bed, or find a sofa that has drawers underneath for extra storage. In the kitchen, they can use the kitchen table to prepare their food for cooking instead of having to buy another working surface that would crowd the space.

Go light and bright

While dark colors are great in typical homes, they are not suitable for tiny houses as excessive dark colors will make space seem smaller. Instead, use bright and lighter colors, such as cream or sky blue. These colors are more reflective, which creates the impression of a large and airy space.

Glass is your friend

Aside from giving an elegant and modern touch to the home, glass can make a small space appear more prominent, be it glass walls, furniture, etching, glazing, or lead lights. Installing a big mirror in the tiny home can give a feeling of a larger space; the mirror will reflect the interior of the room and provide an illusion that the area is more extensive.

The best thing about using glass in any way is that if it is broken or damaged, it can be repaired or replaced easily by glass repair services around the vicinity.

Storage is king

Regardless of how small a house is, the key to a beautiful home is an organized and decluttered space. And the way to make this possible in a tiny home is by storing things properly and creatively. Make use of all the areas in the house from the ceiling to the floor and anything in between. For example, a TV can be mounted on the wall in the living space while the TV stand is used as a storage space for books or magazines.

The key to making a tiny house feels like a home is to use smart interior design and make the most of the limited space. Use your imagination and be creative when it comes to furniture functionality and storage space.

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