3 Tips For Entertaining In Tiny Houses

Many tiny homes in America are available for as little as $10,000, and the owners of these budget-friendly homes do entertain, despite the smaller-than-average dimensions of their residences. Yes, entertaining in a tiny home is possible and it can be great fun. The right tiny home design makes it so much easier for tiny homeowners to show their guests a good time. Whether you’re interested in buying a tiny home in the future or want to modify your existing tiny home so it’s a more welcoming space for visitors, you’ll find these suggestions practical and helpful.

Access The Outdoors With A Large Sliding Door

One clever tiny home design trick is adding a big sliding door, similar to a garage door, which makes it simple for a group to enjoy the indoors and outdoors during a get-together. According to Curbed, adding this type of door to a living room will be a smart move, as a living room is typically a hub during parties or other social events that happen at a tiny home. Paradisa Homes asserts that choosing a builder that offers full-service construction is the key to accessing special design features that will suit your lifestyle.

If you’re preparing to purchase a custom tiny home, consider requesting this feature, as it’ll make it simple for guests to drift in and out, perhaps with wine glasses in hand. They’ll be able to chat in the living room and then head outside for a BBQ during the afternoon or evening. When guests are inside and the large door is open, the living room will feel much roomier. Naturally, it’s easier to have this sliding door feature built-in than to add it after the fact, but both options are possibilities. 

Keep Supplemental Seating On Hand

Guests need to feel comfortable in tiny homes, and this means that all guests should have places to sit down. Sometimes, there isn’t enough seating space for everyone. The key to ensuring a great experience for your guests is adding seating when it’s needed. You may want to add extra tables, too. Some tiny homeowners re-purpose existing seating, such as vanity table seats, by moving them to the living room. Others use fold-up chairs and folding tables.

When you have supplemental seating and/or tables on hand, you won’t need to worry about the comfort of your visitors. Of course, you may need to make space for seats and tables, and this will mean removing some other items. Do this well in advance of your guests coming over. Once you’ve added supplemental seating/tables for a get-together, you’ll find that doing it again is easier, because you’ll have the layout figured out.

Living Room Fireplaces Are Fun Focal Points

Your tiny home is cozy. Even though there are tricks – like the sliding door – that you can use to make it feel roomier, there are also ways to make the coziness even more charming. One way to do it is to add a fireplace to your living room. Guests gravitate towards fireplaces. They love the warmth and beauty of wood-burning or electric fireplaces. Wood stoves are also popular choices for tiny homes, and these types of stoves often provide enough heat to keep the entire house warm, while also adding vintage-inspired character.

Now that you know some design tips that will make entertaining easier, you’ll be ready to host gatherings at your tiny home. Before you welcome your guests, make sure you have some good food and drink on hand. Then relax, and prepare to show off your beloved tiny home.

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