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3-in-1: The Most Profitable Handyman Businesses

When professionals decide upon a trade, they must do so with a realistic vision and ample, practical, resources in place. One reason that handyman businesses do so well from the get-go is that they don’t need a lot of startup dough. Here are 3 areas of the most profitable handyman business out there that includes easy-to-follow guidelines on increasing profits for your HVAC business with new clients now.

The HVAC Industry

So, which handyman businesses are the most profitable when it comes to the bottom line? They are heating, system ventilation, and you guessed it, air conditioning sales and maintenance. This attractive 3-in-1 trade combines the types of systems that make up the lucrative HVAC industry. The number 1 reason that HVAC is so profitable comes down to a perfect mixture of individualized support combined with much-needed services that aren’t going away.

The Importance of HVAC Sales Leads

Successful sales are part profit and part relationship. Finding new HVAC customers is as uncomplicated as following these 3 guidelines:

  • Use an Online Resource to Target Customers
  • Implement Branding and Promotions; and
  • Always Use the “Sales Funnel” Method

HVAC businesses gravitate from residential customers (private homeowners) to high-level industrial work and everything in between. Narrowing the field of a target customer can be done by sticking to hvac sales leads that will make up your customer base.

What is a Sales Funnel?

Once you’ve organized your current customers and have begun adding new ones, make lots of notes. Knowing which services each customer buys from you and when, makes it easier to offer smart promotions and grow your sales. A sales funnel is the modern approach to caring for sales leads. It is also a 3 step equation (nurture, nudge, educate) that helps HVAC businesses convert sales and increase profit.

Nurture, Nudge, Educate

To nurture sales leads means tracking client data, interpreting facts about their systems, and following-up regularly to nudge customers along. For every follow-up communication HVAC professionals should be able to recommend additional specific maintenance services that can save customers money in the long-run by not having to replace damaged HVAC equipment.


All profitable handyman businesses know their competition and keep them close. Think about your own products and services and whether there could be an opportunity to get a foot in the door where the competition has failed to deliver. Perhaps they don’t offer a product, but you do. Tell people! Customers are always looking for a one-stop-shop when it comes to shelling out money.

Psychographics are equally important, these are things like customer values, lifestyle, and interests. People spend on what they value. Finally, work ahead of the season. Offer promotions leading into each change of forecast. It’s smart to offer air conditioning maintenance at the end of the summer so that equipment stays in good working order when it comes time to use again.

Customer Communication

Email newsletters from your HVAC company are intended to keep a relationship active. A monthly email tells clients that they’re important to your business and that you’re there for them when it’s time for a service call. A great way to impress customers is by offering a bit of useful “free” advice. Remind them to turn on equipment before the storm, or ask them about clean filters (which your company can provide).

Connecting with customers happens when customers feel cared for and that your HVAC company is prioritizing them. When customers feel engaged, they trust your advice and want to follow your recommendations to keep their heating and cooling systems running their best. Always follow up after every service call so that you can ensure the customer is satisfied. Use the opportunity as a segway into scheduling the next maintenance appointment. The goal is to keep customers coming back for all of their HVAC needs.

Gaining new customers for your HVAC business can be compartmentalized around ventilation. All interiors, albeit residential, commercial, or industrial, each require sufficient airflow and effective circulation to minimize contaminants. HVAC services keep climates comfortable and healthy, so providing the latest equipment will practically sell itself.

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