12/31 Tiny house sits atop huge garage in Florida

225 sq ft house in Bonita Springs, FL

225 sq ft house in Bonita Springs, FL

At less than 225 square-feet, the new home on Montana Court in Bonita Springs is dwarfed by most of its neighbors’ garages. It is dwarfed, in fact, by its own garage, which is three times the size of the place and serves as the foundation.

The tiny house, which finds room for a full bathroom and kitchen, is part of a minimalist trend that’s been popping up across the country. It will be featured Friday on HGTV’s home improvement show “Tiny House, Big Living,” which tracks couples as they design and plan spaces to live that are typically no bigger than a tool shed.

The inside of the house was designed as if it were a sailboat, said builder Kelly Coyle, who has been a general contractor here for 25 years.

“We kind of took the principals of building a boat, which always utilize every square inch and have dual purposes for almost everything,” Coyle said. “The idea is that you have something when you need it and it’s away when you don’t. There is about zero wasted space.”

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