12/29 Year of tiny house Firsts

Little Leavenworth, the tiny home of Cheri and Nick

Little Leavenworth, the tiny home of Cheri and Nick

It’s been a year of firsts.

First time designing a tiny space, first time crying over DMV paperwork, first time parking a tiny house on wheels, first time leveling a trailer, first time buying a huge propane tank, first time digging a trench for graywater, first time building a compost pile in a garden, first time hauling hay in a wheelbarrow, first time pooping in a bucket, first time hearing the creaky sounds of Eucalyptus trees, first time falling asleep to the late-night moos of cows and hoots of different species of owls, first time paying off a house and owning it outright.

I could go on with this list of firsts, and in 2016, I expect it to grow longer. While I’ve learned a lot this year simply by doing (and making mistakes), I sense this is just the beginning, and as long as we live in this house, anything can happen.

Read more and see all the photos – http://tinyhousetravelers.com/2015/12/29/year-of-firsts/


Elaine Walker